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What is iOS 16 Live Activities?

iOS 16 Live Activities

Did you watch Apple’s WWDC 2022 event? Don’t you agree it was worth the watch? You would have notice how power pack performance it was, and how flawlessly they introduced all the new upgrades for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Aside from software update, Apple also released several brand-new MacBook Air with the improved M2 chipset, although no mention of an AR/VR headset was made even after tons of predictions that we would get this. Regardless, one of the most significant changes is in iOS 16. In this article we are going talk about one of the features of iOS 16, “Live Activities.”

What is iOS 16 Live Activities?

In iOS 16, which will be released soon, and with this update Apple will provide users the opportunity to make live lock screen notifications called “Live Activities.” Apple has included a new Live Activities tool to handle alerts for activities like as sporting events or Uber journey status, among others, so that users can remain on top of things in real-time, right from the lock screen, rather than being disturbed occasionally. Like widgets on the iPhone home screen, Live Activities live at the bottom of the Lock Screen and can display dynamic and real-time information.

On iOS, Live Text is now available in video. Live Text uses on-device technology to identify text in images. It will allow you to extract Live Text while watching a video. It is currently being upgraded with video. Users may now pause a movie at any time and interact with the text. They can quickly convert currencies, translate text, and do a variety of other tasks.

Our connection with out iPhone is no less than a relationship. In terms of this who else can say that they have a healthy relationship with their iPhone? But Federighi has claims that we can have a health relationship with our iPhone without getting distracted by any other activities. And how do we achieve that, by this live activity feature. This is going to be a great change, especially for the ones who always gets distracted by phones and forget what actually they wanted to do after unlocking their iPhone. Federighi had given all this information in an interview with John Gruber on his The Talk Show Podcast, this podcast was recorded live at WWDC 2022 event. He talks about all the significant features coming soon with iOS 16 specially the remodifications of lock screen. He also says that this is something the new Lock Screen will assist to avoid, since information will be available without having to unlock the iPhone and navigate to the app-filled Home Screen. Let us get into details to understand this feature a little more, shall we?

This amazing feature called live activities is all about the widgets that will take place on your lock screen. With this available on your lock screen, you don’t even need to unlock your iPhone. You must be wondering how can you view information you need without unlocking your iPhone and opening that particular app. It is very simple, let me show you. For example, you need to see the live score of a sports match, you can just pin a notification on your lock screen of the score you need to keep tag on. And that’s it, by just looking at your lock screen you will get to know score without even unlocking your iPhone. And not just this, any dynamic and real time information can be displayed on lock screen with the help of live activity feature.

Live activities is one of the many features that is going to be released with iOS, let us know in the comments which feature is your favourite and also do let us know which else feature you want to know about. Click the link to read more about iOS 16 features on our website.

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