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iOS 16 Finally Brings a Customizable Lock Screen to the iPhone

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We are getting the much-awaited iOS 16 update and here are the all the updates and features that we will be getting. Most of the updates are as we have predicted earlier.

The first major update that we are getting is Lock Screen. We will now be able customize the lock screen as per our needs, from colour filter to font and pictures. And this all changes can happen with just a long press on your iPhone. And you will be thrilled to know that you will be able to customise any part of the lock screen as well. It will also come with suggested photos for your lock screen.

For me the most amazing feature of this is that we can now create many custom lock screen and can switch between every now and then. You will also have an option to hide notifications so that it won’t cover up your lock screen back ground. You can even roll down the notifications to the bottom of your lock screen.

Let’s talk more about iOS 16’s new lockscreen customisation feature.

First, and probably most exciting, is the opportunity to add widgets to your Lock screen. This allows you to consume all your favorite bite-sized information without even unlocking your phone. This is especially useful for things like battery status of your devices or checking the weather to see if you need to grab a sweater on the way out the door. However, we might not see all our favorite widgets on the Lock screen; it remains unclear how many will be compatible or if we’ll have to start with only Apple native apps. 

Second, you can change the font and color of your time display. This one isn’t as ground-breaking in terms of usability, but it’s something users have been wanting for a while, so we’re happy to see it come our way. It may also make the Lock screen more accessibile, with the ability to select larger fonts or a high contrast display option. At the very least, it’s always fun to have color options!

Third, you can create several Lock screen displays that you save and can swipe between, giving you options based on your mood or environment. Your iPhone will also offer suggestions and additional built-in background options. You can also choose a shuffle options, where you choose multiple photos to rotate on your Lock screen, giving you variety throughout the day.

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