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iOS 16.3 should I update?

iOS 16.3 should I update

iOS 16.3 update has been released, and sure users are looking around to see whether they should update their devices or not. It is a big decision after all. Before updating your device to iOS 16.3 you need to look for its features, bug fixes, performance, battery life, and security patches. All these things are important and you need to be aware of them before updating your device. all the aspects are necessary to be considered. In this article allow me to guide you through your decision of whether you should update your device to iOS 16.3 or not. Remember that the final decision should be yours, I am just here to shed light on all the key points that should be kept in mind before updating your device to iOS 16.3.

iOS 16.3 Should I update?

·         IOS 16.3 Features

Let us take a look at iOS 16.3 features. In honor of Black History Month, a new Unity wallpaper has been released to celebrates Black history and culture.Users can increase the security of their account by using Security Keys for Apple ID, which require a physical security key as part of the two-factor authentication sign-in process on new devices. We will be getting assistance withHomePod (2nd generation). In order to avoid accidental emergency calls, emergency SOS calls now require holding the side button with the up or down volume button and then releasing it.

·         Performance:

Aside from the features, what really matters is the performance, battery life, and bug fixes of the iPhone after updating to iOS 16.3.  If you’re hoping to see a performance gain with 16.3, I would advise you to temper your expectations since, as far as the performance is concerned, I have not observed any particular improvements in the performance of the iPhone. I would say that 16.3 feels about the same as 16.2 in this regard.

·         Battery life:

Talking about the battery life, I’ve found the battery life to be rather consistent lately. I’m not sure whether it’s significantly better than 16.2, but so far, it does seem very nice and like a tiny improvement over 16.2. If you are experiencing battery drain problems, this update may be able to resolve them, but you shouldn’t anticipate experiencing any significant improvements unless you are experiencing a really severe battery drain.

To conclude:

I would suggest that you should install iOS 16.3 on your device for its features and improved battery life performance. However, if you aren’t interested in that feature and nothing else about this version interests you or makes you want to update, remain put. This is particularly true if all aspects, such as battery life performance, are operating correctly. You won’t have the latest security patches, but if you decide to continue with a stable build for whatever reason you have, then you should go for iOS 16.3.If iOS 16.2 or an earlier version of iOS 16 has been giving you problems with glitches or slow performance, you should definitely update to iOS 16.3 on your iPhone.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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