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iOS 16.3 Problems, Issues & bugs

Preparing to Update iOS 16.3

Apple has finally released the stable version of iOS 16.3 to iPhone 8 and above compatible devices. Although the software underwent a series of beta testing and cross-checking, there are certain iOS 16.3 issues and bugs that the users are complaining about.

If you have recently updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 16.3 version and want to be aware of all the potential problems and bugs, we have sorted them out for you in this article.

What are the iOS 16.3 Problems and Issues?

Following the release, most iPhone users who received iOS 16.3 have updated to the latest version. However, there has been a barrage of complaints highlighting the iOS 16.3 problems and issues that we think are worth looking into.

  • Duplicate mail notifications – Users have reported that they are receiving mail notifications for multiple emails, despite receiving only one. 
  • Lockscreen notification animations – Users have reported experiencing buffering and glitches with the lock screen notification animations. They are not running as smoothly as expected.
  • Face ID tries again error – Many users who have upgraded to iOS 16.3 reported that their Face ID is showing an error when trying to unlock the iPhone.
  • Haptic feedback – Users who have recently installed iOS 16.3 say that the haptic feedback is a lot weaker compared to the previous versions.
  • Memory leaks – A very prominent issue with the RAM management is causing lags in the app and affecting usability quite prominently.
  • Message alerts error – Following the iOS 16.3 update, iPhone users aren’t receiving the message alerts as normal.
  • iPhone restarting – Many users have reported that the iPhone is freezing and then restarting by itself out of nowhere.
  • Black lock screen – Users are noticing a bug leading to a black lock screen of death every time a user tries to unlock their iPhone.

These are all the problems and bugs that iOS 16.3 users are experiencing in their iPhones, following the update.

What are the iOS 16.3 Bugs Fixed?

If you haven’t read through the release note of iOS 16.3, you might have missed out on all the bugs that Apple has fixed before releasing the stable version of iOS 16.3.

Following are all the bugs that are fixed:

  • Freeform bug – Prevents unnecessary drawing strokes that happen accidentally.
  • Black lock screen bug – Fixed the issue users were facing witnessing the black screen of death during unlocking the device.
  • Horizontal lines on iPhone 14 – This issue with the display has been fixed. Users will no longer notice a black screen with a yellow line in the center of the display.
  • Home lock screen widget – The issue where the accurate home app status wasn’t seen has been fixed.
  • Siri issues – Bugs that affected the normal functioning of Siri on iOS 16.3 has been fixed too.

These are all the identified bugs that Apple has fixed before releasing the stable version of iOS 16.3. If you have recently updated your iOS version and have been inquisitive about the issues, we hope this article gives you all the insights you need to know.

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