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8 Methods To Fix iOS 16.2 Wifi Not Working Issue

iOS 16.2 Wifi Not Working Issue

On the one hand, Apple did a great job adding 5G support for Indian users with iOS 16.2 update. On the other hand, many geeks are annoyed with wifi issue in iOS 16.2 update. That’s right. Many users on iPhone after iOS 16.2 update complain about iOS 16.2 wifi disconnecting, iOS 16.2 wifi not working, iOS 16.2 wifi calling not working, and more wifi-related issues.

Since several users have reported that wifi is not working on iOS 16.2, we looked into the matter and collected every solution to get rid of iOS 16.2 wifi issue. Without wasting much time, let’s start fixing the issue.

How To Fix iOS 16.2 Wifi Not Working Issue

1.      Forget & Reconnect

Once you start getting wifi issues on iOS 16.2, you can fix the issue by forgetting the connected wifi network and reconnecting with the same again by entering a password. So, go to Settings > wifi> wifi Network > tap ‘I” > Tap Forget This Network. Then again, tap on connect, enter the password and be done.

2.      Deactivate VPN

When you have activated the VPN service on your iPhone, you should always use a mobile network since VPN apps don’t allow users to use Wi-Fi while VPN is on. Hence, we suggest you delete or disable VPN and then connect with the wifi network.

3.      Restart The Wifi Router

Sometimes due to the bug wifi router, users cannot connect their phone to the wifi, and it doesn’t work. 

If you are stuck at wifi not working on iOS 16.2 running iPhone, there might be a problem with the router. So we suggest you restart the wifi by tapping the power button off and then again on.

4.      Reset Network Settings

Since wifi is related to the network settings, you can also fix the issue by resetting network settings on your iPhone running iOS 16.2 update. Hence, you can also fix this error by resetting network settings by heading to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Enter Passcode and Reset Network Settings.

5.      Configure DNS Settings

Suppose you have connected to the wifi and start getting DNS-related issues, and the wifi stops working on iOS 16.2. In that case, you fix the issue by setting a custom DNS server by heading to Settings > wifi> tap on ‘I” > Configure DNS > Manual and enter It’s done now.

6.      Enable/Disable AirPlane mode

However, we are at the sixth method and suggest users try to turn on and off Airplane mode to eliminate the wifi issue on iOS 16.2. This method is very straightforward and works for many users to fix any network-related issue. Therefore, you should also use this method to fix this issue.

7.      Restart Your iPhone

If you have tried all the above methods and any of them did not work, then you can also try to restart your iPhone to get over this iOS 16.2 wifi issue on your iPhone. You can use Volume up and down button and then the Power button to restart your iPhone.

8.      Switch To Another Wifi

After doing the solutions mentioned above, if you can still not connect your iPhone to the same wifi network, then you need to switch to the other working Wi-Fi connection to ensure there is nothing wrong with the iPhone.


Forgetting the current wifi and connecting to the same worked to fix iOS 16.2 wifi issue for many users. Did it work for you? Do you know any other working method? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment box.

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