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Fix: iOS 16.2 Stuck Update Requested

iOS 16.2 Update Requested

iOS 16.2 recently launched by Apple with some new features that everyone cannot wait to get their hands on it. Sadly, some users are stuck at iOS 16.2 update requested error while installing the new update on their iPhone. Therefore, here we have come to solve this issue and let iPhone users install iOS 16.2 update without any stoppage.

Apple has released the iOS 16.2 update with the new Apple Music Sing, Freeform app, Advanced Data Protection, and Always on Display upgrade for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Are you keen to test the new features of iOS 16.2? Stuck at iOS 16.2 update requested? Let’s find out the solution.

Methods To Fix iOS 16.2 Update Requested

1.     Delete And Download Again

Deleting the ongoing download file and downloading again will be helpful in fixing the Update Requested iOS 16.2. So; you can also do the same by deleting the file and resolving the issue.

2.     Check For Network Connection

Sometimes when you are at a low connection, you may also get in trouble downloading and installing new iOS updates. Hence, if you are also struggling to install the latest iOS 16.2 update, you should switch to a different Wifi network that is stable and fix the issue.

3.     Resetting Network Settings

Many users have tried this method to fix iOS 16.2 stuck at the requested update. We also saw many Reddit users tried this method, and it worked. You can also try resetting your iPhone’s network settings to iOS 16.2 update requested error problem.

4.     Reset or Restart iPhone

Even after trying all the above methods, if you are still stuck at the same issue while installing the iOS 16.2 update, you can try to reset or restart your iPhone to install iOS 16.2 smoothly. You can go to Settings > General and Shut Down to continue and this link to hard reset your iPhone.


I tried the first method of deleting the ongoing iOS 16 download file and then again started from the begging to fix iOS 16 update requested error. Which method worked for you? Do you know any other way to get rid of the same? Feel free to share in the comment box. 

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