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iOS 16.2 Error & Bugs – Everything Worth Knowing

iOS 16.2 Error & Bugs – Everything Worth Knowing

Ever since the release of iOS 16 in September 2022, Apple has been consistently releasing mini updates following that.

Amidst all the options, iOS 16.2 has stood out with its unique line-up of features and functionalities. However, given how frequent the updates are, it isn’t surprising that these new software updates are also backed with a series of errors and bugs.

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However, this issue isn’t limited to just iOS 16.2 because such bugs and errors are quite recurring with every software update that Apple launches. These issues are often common and recurring in the beta version of the software, meaning that by the time the official release comes around, these issues are generally fixed.

If you have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 16.2 and are wondering what kind of errors and bugs you should be aware of, we have sorted everything in this guide for you.

What are the Common iOS 16.2 Error and Bugs?

Apple recently released its iOS 16.2 on December 13, 2022. With its launch, Apple has introduced a variety of new features, including the freeform app, Apple Music sing, and a series of iCloud security and protection features to keep your device in its prime.

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Although the update no doubt comes with a series of amazing updates, what you need to understand is the fact that it comes with some downsides too.

Some of the most alarming iOS 16.2 errors and bugs are:

  • Serious battery draining following the iOS 16.2 update
  • Blank widgets
  • Blank wallpapers on both the lock screen and home screen
  • Apple Music Sing isn’t accessible despite saying that it will be
  • The constant and recurring crashing of the apps
  • Issues with cellular data
  • Issues with network and signal reception

These are some of the most common issues that the iOS 16.2 beta errors and bugs that are very common not just in the beta version but also in the final version.

Are the iOS 16.2 bugs fixed?

With Apple being proactive about user experience, don’t be surprised by the fact that the iOS 16.2 bugs and errors are fixed imminently without any compromise.

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Since Apple is currently in the process of releasing iOS 16.3, be assured that the bugs in the previous version will be fixed before the official release.

And, that’s all you need to know about the iOS 16.2 bugs and errors that are fairly common and are already fixed by Apple.

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