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How to fix iOS 16.2 battery drain issue

iOS 16.2 battery drain issue

iPhone having battery drain issues after updating to iOS 16.2 is normal since after every update your iPhone always has a brief dip in performance. Naturally, while the device is doing changes, battery performance will suffer. This usually lasts until Apple releases another update with the fix for the battery drain issue after which performance returns to normal. But if you are still suffering from the battery drain issue after updating to iOS 16.2 then you should try these fixes listed below that will help you sustain your battery drain issue.

How to fix iOS 16.2 battery drain issue

  • Turn off Location Services

Location services use GPS, Bluetooth, and other methods to establish your specific location. Simply put, all of these background operations are to blame for your iPhone’s battery consumption.If you want to get the most out of your battery life on iOS 16.2, it is suggested that you disable this feature.

  • Disable Background App Refresh

When connected to the internet, apps may be refreshed in the background by enabling background app refresh. If not adequately handled, it instantly creates battery draining issues. You may completely disable it or set it to renew only while Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data are enabled.As an alternative, I advised selecting just important applications to reload in the background.

  • Turn off Live Activities

Using Live Activities, which give real-time information to the Notification Centre is the root cause of the battery drain problem in iOS 16.2. Again, this drains the battery because it is always updating and displaying the most recent information.

  • Turn off Keyboard Haptics

Although having one of the best vibration motors on the market, iOS users had to rely on thirdparty keyboard apps to get haptic feedback when typing. That was changed in iOS 16, but it also meant that your iPhone would consume more energy because the motor had to turn every time you wrote.

  • Fewer Widgets on the Lock Screen

The ability to customize the Lock Screen is an important feature in iOS 16.2.Widgets, on the other hand, quickly drain your iPhone’s battery.They must continually refresh in the background to provide the most recent info. As a result, battery life is reduced due to resource use. You have no choice but to remove these widgets from the lock screen or at least remove some of them which are not that important.

  • Turn on Low Power Mode

The battery life of iPhones may be extended by using Low Power Mode. It disables background app refresh, automated downloads, and other batterysaving features. Usually, users only enable this feature when they are having low battery charge, but it is ok if you enable low power mode even when you have 80% charge in your device.

  • Disable automatic app downloads and updates.

Any applications you install on your iPhone will be immediately installed on any other devices linked to the same iCloud account, thanks to the Automatic App Download function. All of these applications will also receive automatic updates. This might be a very useful feature but it also comes with a price. The battery will drain drastically when this feature is enabled. So, I advise you to disable this feature is not necessary or important.

There are other small changes that you can do to try and save as much battery life as possible. Enabling auto brightness, dark mode, reduce motion, etc might be of a little help here are well.

That’s it, folks! There are a few fixes that you can try on your device to save as much battery on your iPhone as possible after updating to iOS 16.2. let us know in the comment box down below if these fixes were of any help to you and did they solve your battery drain problem.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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