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iOS 15 Weather App Update For iPhone: What’s New

iOS 15 Weather App

Apple has always been one step ahead of all and upping the game a notch with every new addition to the existing Apple devices be it with upgraded softwares or with any new product that is introduced. The WWDC, that is, the Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off with the official address of Apple CEO Tim Cook this year. The event that has been taking place since 1983 is held by the brand in order to make major announcements related to all the updates and brand new features the Apple devices are going to get.

Just like last year, this year as well the event took place virtually keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic.

WWDC always provides an amazing platform to the developers where they can interact with Apple designers and engineers. The event that took place from June 7th to June 11th this year, saw some revolutionary operating systems being brought into the picture along with some mind blowing features.


iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is revolutionising the way you operate your iPhones and iPads. Apple also announced that its users can now invite Android users for a Facetime call. However, only an iPhone or iPad user can start the call by sending a link to his/her family members and friends who are Android users. Loaded with amazing features like Hide My Email, unlimited Homekit Secure video recording and Private Relay, the announcement of iCloud+ has kept the consumers on their toes. watchOS 8 and macOS Monterey also came into picture alongside.


With iOS 15, the Weather app has been totally redesigned.

  • With the upgraded graphics, the layout now changes in accordance with the weather conditions like, sunny, rainy, windy etc and the air quality. The backgrounds are going to be highly detailed and defined. New defined variations have been added to the background design and even added animations.
  • The weather map has also been added. Now you can easily check the weather of a particular area from the in-built Weather app itself. The best part is that the maps come on the entire screen giving you a deeper and better view of what you are looking for.
  • Notification support is one of the most important features that has been added to the Weather app. With Notification support the app can now send you notifications related to weather like when it is going to rain or snow or when it is going to stop and more. However, this feature is not available all over the world but only in the UK, US and Ireland.

The brand new redesigned iOS 15 Weather app with notifications, amazing layouts and maps is now the ultimate weather app and the perfect one stop for your entire weather related enquiries. You know the result is going to be par excellence when Apple redesigns a product or a software for that matter. The redesigned Weather app simply stands true to that.

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