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What is iOS 15 Photo Scanning?

iOS 15 Photo Scanning

It seems like Apple is ready to help cops track child abusers. With the final release of iOS 15 this September, Apple will roll out the new iOS 15 Photo Scanning system, also known as CP IOS 15.

What is CP in iOS 15?

Apple is adding a new iOS 15 Photo Scanning system to find images and videos contain any child sexual abuse or any adult content shared on child’s devices.

Apple is using the new anti-CSAM features on Messages, iCloud Photos, and Siri and Search. With the help of this feature, the company will notify children and parents about the adult or sensitive content by scanning data shared on iMessage, iCloud, or Siri and Search.

Apple’s new Photo Scanning iOS 15 feature will help all child protective groups and cops find child abuse and child trafficking cases.

Even parents will get alert when their children share or receive any sexually explicit image or video. If a child send or receive any image with sexual explicit, the content will get blurred and child get warning, even if the child still views that image who is 12 or under that age, then the parent will get notified about the action.

Is Apple’s iOS 15 Photo Scanning safe for users?

After this feature came to the limelight, many geeks tweeted online that it means Apple can see all our private data or even government. But Apple explains that the system will use SCAM images shared by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other child safety organizations that will use an on-device matching system to analyse that type of content.

What if iOS 15 CP detect SCAM content?

Once any image is detected under the SCAM, Apple will confirm a human review before reaching NCMEC.

Can I stop the iOS 15 Photo Scan or CP?

According to many sources, Apple’s Photo Scanning system only scan images that saved in the iCloud account. So if you disable the iCloud Photos option, maybe you can stop Apple to scan your data.

Is Apple Scanning my iMessage images?

Don’t worry; Apple is also using its SCAM or CP IOS 15 only on children’s accounts set up in families in iCloud.

Are you using iPhone with IOS 15? What do you think about this Photo Scanning feature of iOS 15? Do you find this feature worthy? Would you mind leaving your feedback in the comment box?

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