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iOS 15 Live Text Not Working on iPhone: How To Enable

iOS 15 Live Text Not Working

Ever since I have installed iOS 15 on my iPhone, I have been missing the most fruitful Live Text feature from my iPhone X. Even after dividing deep into the new eco-system, I noticed that iOS 15 Live Text not working on iPhone X. I also tried to find Live Text in Camera, but I could not see the new option. 

Later, I researched online and realized that Live Text on iOS 15 is not available on every iPhone with iOS 15. Only limited devices support Live Text on iOS 15. Also, we checked the process of enabling Live Text on IOS 15 and used it on iPhone to get more out of the device. Let’s check out the full detail below. 

iOS 15 Live Text Not Working: How to Enable & to Use It On iPhone

1.      Check Live Text Support 

Live Text uses OCR technology to get text, email addresses, phone numbers, and more from pictures. iPhones with the A12 Bionic process can support iOS 15’s Live Text feature. Hence, Live Text is supported on iPhone XS and later devices.

2.      Enable Live Text On Camera

If you have iOS 15’s Live Text supported device, you can turn ON Live Text from Settings in the Camera. To do that, go to Settings > Camera > Turn toggle ON next to Live Text. After that, you can open iPhone’s camera, and tap on the new Live Text icon at the right bottom corner to copy, select, translate, or speak a sentence.

3.      Enable Live Text for Images

As you know that Live Text can be used on any saved image or pictures on your iPhone, you have to activate Live Text first from Settings > General > Language & Region > turn toggle ON next to Live Text. Once this option is turned ON, you can open any image from the Photos app, tap on the Live Text icon at the left bottom side.


If you think is Live Text missing from iOS 15 on your iPhone, then you must check the above three things. This feature also supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

iOS 15’s Live Text is a very handy feature for iPhone users. But not everyone is lucky since the feature is available on limited iPhones. If you don’t have a Live Text compatible iPhone, you are happy to use other amazing iOS 15. 

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