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iOS 15 Keyboard Glitch: How To Fix It Flickering & Flashing Issue

iOS 15 Keyboard Glitch

After installing iOS 15, many bugs were reported by users all around the world. Among all iOS 15 bugs, many users face iOS 15 keyboard glitch as it starts flickering and flashing while entering text on Spotlight search or Safari search. 

As the people started reporting the Keyboard Glitch on iOS 15, we also checked Reddit and other forums. We saw several complaints about the iOS 15 flickering and iOS 15 flashing issues. Hence, we tried multiple methods to fix the problem. Some solutions worked for many users. If you are still bothered with the keyboard glitch on iOS 15, let’s try to fix it now.

How To Fix iOS 15 Keyboard Glitch, Flickering, or Flashing Issue

Let’s check each method one by one.

1.      Reset Keyboard Dictionary 

When you see your iPhone’s Keyboard flickering or flashing, the first thing we suggest users to Reset Keyboard Dictionary. With the new iOS 15, the process of Resetting the Keyboard Dictionary has been changed. Go to Settings > General > Transfer & Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

2.      Force Close & Try Again

Many users are getting typing issues while searching for any app on the Spotlight search. The keyboard is not working on some specific words. But many users suggested that Force Closing the current tab and opening it again will help eliminate this issue.

3.      Turn Off Predictive Keyboard 

Predictive Keyboard is very helpful as it automatically adds the necessary word next to the word as per your previous chat. But sometimes, it also starts getting buggy. Hence, if the Keyboard is not working correctly, try to disable the Predictive Keyboard by heading to Settings > General > Keyboard > Turn off the Predictive toggle.

4.      Update To The New IOS 

If the above methods don’t work for you, our next suggestion will be to check for the new iOS update. Recently, Apple has rolled out a new iOS 15.0.1 update. Hence, go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Install iOS 15.0.1 update. This iOS 15 upgrade is primarily released to fix some minor bugs of iOS 15.

Final Words 

Did you try the above solutions? Did they work for you? Which one worked for you? Do you know any other method to fix the Keyboard bug on iOS 15? Please share with us in the comment box.

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