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iOS 15 Background Sounds Not Working: How To Fix It

Background Sounds on iOS 15 was a great surprising feature for iPhone users while everyone was waiting for SharePlay. With a couple of days of iOS 15 release, this Background Sounds feature created a buzz worldwide. But many users are still complaining about the iOS 15 Background Sounds not working issue.

Apple’s new Background Sounds let users add rain, ocean, dark noise, or stream sound in the background or while listening to songs. This new feature also helps users to meditate while playing these soft rain, ocean, or stream sound on iPhone. However, everyone cannot access the Background Sounds feature as many users are looking for a solution to Background Sounds iOS 15 not working problem.

How To Fix Background Sounds Not Working issue On iPhone

Note: Make sure that you are running iOS 15 or later update on your iPhone.

Method 1: How To Turn On Background Sounds on iOS 15

Step #1: Open the Settings app.

Step #2: Next, Tap on Accessibility.

Step #3: Choose ‘Audio/Visual’ under the HEARING.

Step #4: Now tap on ‘Background Sounds’ and turn ON toggle next to Background Sounds.

Below is a Sound option where you can change background sound to Balance Noise, Bright Noise, Dark Noise, Ocean, Rain, and Stream. The default sound is set Rain. You can also adjust Volume.

There is also the option to turn toggle ON or OFF for ‘Use When Media Is Playing.’ If this option is not turned and you try to start Background Sound while listening to music, the Background Sound will not work. You should enable the toggle next to ‘Use When Media Is Playing’ to use background sound while enjoying songs.

Method 2: Cannot show Background Sounds at Control Centre?

When Apple’s iOS 15 landed, many users thought that Background Sounds is by default available at the Control Centre. But the thing is the user needs to add Background Sounds to Control Centre to access this feature quickly. To add Background Sounds to Control Centre, go to Settings > Control Center > Hearing icon.

Method 3: Reset All Settings

Resetting all the settings from your iPhone will be helpful to fix the Background Sounds not working issue on iOS 15. It worked for many Reddit users. Don’t worry about your data; you won’t lose it. Only wifi networks and Bluetooth connections will be removed, and network settings will be refreshed. To Reset All Settings, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings and confirm the action by entering a passcode.

Method 4: Restart iPhone

Another working solution that also worked for many users is restarting the device. Once you restart your iPhone, it will refresh the entire system and data. Hence, you can restart your iPhone to fix the background sounds issue.

The Conclusion

To enjoy the Background Sounds feature, we suggest headphones for a better experience. I hope you followed the above methods and fixed Background Sounds issue in your iOS 15 device. If you need more help regarding the same, don’t bother to drop a comment below.

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