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iOS 15 Ambient Noise Reduction: How To Enable It On iPhone

iOS 15 Ambient Noise Reduction

Apple’s new iOS 15 has many excellent features for iPhone users. However, everyone’s favorite SharePlay is missing from iOS 15; Apple managed to steal everyone’s heart with many fruitful features. Among all, many users love iOS 15 ambient noise reduction options. 

Currently, iOS geeks are enjoying iOS 15’s Rain Sounds, which has been added with the new Background Sounds section. Alongside, there has been another useful option added in the iOS 15 ambient noise reduction. While using AirPods or any third-party headphones for calling from iPhone, the user can silence unwanted surrounding sound with the help of ambient noise reduction of iOS 15. This noise cancellation reduces ambient noise on phone calls while holding the receiver to your ear. 

How To Turn ON/OFF Ambient Noise Reduction in iOS 15 On iPhone

Once you update to the new iOS 15 update on your iPhone, the new ambient noise reduction option will automatically turn on your iPhone. You can find this option in the Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancellation. Here you can turn toggle ON or OFF according to your preference. 

Have you tried this feature yet? Do you found this feature useful? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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