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iOS 15.7.1 Features

iOS 15.7.1 Features

If you are a tech geek and iOS enthusiast who likes to keep their devices updated to the latest version of the software, you are going to enjoy indulging in the latest iOS 15.7.1. Apple recently launched this update alongside iPadOS 16.

The new iOS update is compatible with almost every available iPhone, starting from the iPhone 6s until the recently launched iPhone 13 series. It is available for the iPhones that didn’t get the iOS 16 update.

If you are wondering about the available features available with iOS 15.7.1, we have all the details sorted out for you.

Overview of iOS 15.7.1

If your iPhone currently runs on the iOS 15.7 version, you will get the iOS 15.7.1. The file size of the software is quite small, which is always a relief.

The exact download size of this software update will depend on the iPhone you are using. This means that the newer iPhones will have a smaller file size while the older iPhones will have a larger software update file.

Also, if your iPhone already runs iOS 15.7, the update shouldn’t take anything more than 10 minutes. Here is a quick breakdown of things you can expect upon installation:


  • The battery life is stable.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is stable.
  • Bluetooth function is normal.
  • GPS and cellular data performance are optimal.

App performance

  • Third-party streaming apps are working effortlessly.
  • First-party apps are also working fine.


  • There hasn’t been a drastic difference in the speed and efficiency compared to iOS 15.7.

If your current iOS 15.7 has bug issues or is lagging, we’d recommend you install or upgrade to the latest iOS 15.7.1 to fix those problems.

What are the Features of iOS 15.7.1?

The point updates from Apple, including iOS 15.7.1 is primarily a fix for the existing bugs and software glitches that the users have been experiencing until now.

The new update also brings a variety of security updates to the iPhone, which is quite crucial, especially when you are dealing with sensitive data. There aren’t any ground-breaking feature updates with iOS 15.7.1.

What are the Issues with iOS 15.7.1?

Despite fixing some of the bugs and addressing the lagging performance issue in the device, there are several problems that users are experiencing after updating their iPhones to iOS 15.7.1.

Besides installation issues, many users are also complaining about unnecessary battery drainage. Also, there are prevalent issues with the Touch and Face ID in the device. If you have updated to the latest iOS 15.7.1 and it is causing problems, there are options to downgrade to iOS 15.7, which is a benefit.

What is Next?

The iOS 15.7.1 is arguably the last update that Apple will release in their iOS 15 series, as to the reports we currently know now. Whether or not Apple introduces further updates in the future is something we’d have to look forward to. Ideally, we wouldn’t recommend waiting for any because there are chances that Apple won’t be releasing any new updates in the same range.

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