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iOS 15.4 Issues & Problems Are Here

iOS 15.4 Issues

Finally, the long-awaited iOS 15.4 update is here for iPhone users with the new 37 emojis, Face ID with Mask, Universal Control, Add COVID Pass to Apple Wallet, and many more new features to amaze iPhone users.

It’s been a day since Apple has rolled out the new update, and people have already started reporting some iOS 15.4 issues. Let’s check out some minor issues on iOS 15.4 for iPhone users.

iOS 15.4 Issues & Problems: How To Fix

  • Many users reported that Face ID with Mask On not working on iOS 15.4. But they are not aware that this feature only supports iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models running iOS 15.4 update.
  • The ‘haptic on successful authentication’ is not a working problem. When user unlock iPhone using Face ID. The device doesn’t vibrate. Also, when the user unlocks iPhone with Mask on, it only vibrates if the user looks at the screen.
  • Some users are missing images in Reminder app.
  • One user wrote on Twitter that he has a storage issue as the storage has dwindled after the iOS 15.4 update. Another user also replied that he lost 20GB of storage.
  • Many users are facing lag and animations issues.
  • ESPN is crashing after iOS 15.4 update.
  • Some credit cards are not working after iOS 15.4 update.
  • The wifi connection is still dropping on iOS 15.4.
  • AirPods sound syncing issue.

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As for now, these are minor issues and problems reported by many users after iOS 15.4 update. If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 15.4 and notice any bug, do not bother to share with me through the comment box.

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