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IOS 15.3 Update Released? What’s New?

IOS 15.3 Update

We have good news for those waiting for the iOS 15.3 update. Apple has finally rolled out the new iOS 15.3 update for users worldwide. Some have already received the new iOS 15.3, some are still waiting to download iOS 15.3 update. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for the update.

According to Apple, iOS 15.3 update is basically released to fix some critical bugs and security update. The company did not reveal more about the update, but we have found some new changes and features of iOS 15.3 updates.

What Are The New Features of iOS 15.3?

  1. New Private Reply changes as the new alert, so the private reply iCloud plus feature will now show the alert if your carrier disables this feature. It offers more clarity as to why the feature is not working properly. The main feature Apple added was the new alert because T-Mobile recently blamed it for bug in iOS 15.2 that supposedly disabled the private relay feature. They were telling their users that it was an iOS bug, but the reality was different. So Apple came up with this solution in iOS 15.3 to inform users that it is not iOS fault.
  2. There is also a minor change in Podcast app. When you go to the library and then to the latest episodes, you will be caught up, and you have listened to all the podcasts in this section.
  3. There is a minor change in the Legacy Contact section. When you go into the section, you will see some minor changes compared to iOS 15.2. It is a sorter, and it has more points than inform users about the feature.
  4. There has been improvement made on the Contact shortcut when adding and editing shortcuts. The bugs are not limited compared to iOS 15.2 update. The reminder shortcut was also working better now.
  5. The most talked about Safari data leak hug has been fixed now with iOS 15.3 update. Many news blogs claimed that Safari would leak users’ browsing data and Google ads. But now Apple has fixed the issue on iOS 15.3.
  6. Apple also fixed the syncing issue in iCloud that affected third-party apps.
  7. There has been HomeKit Camera Snapchat not updating fixed with iOS 15.3.
  8. iPhone storage has issued been fixed now. Since the release of iOS 15.2, users worldwide have been facing iPhone storage loading problems.
  9. Many users have been getting Apple Watch Series 7 users had to charge bug, and now it has been fixed with iOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4.
  10. With iOS 15.3, Apple has added Siri voice recognition support for up to six users in the HomePod in English (India) and Italian (Italy). Also, the performance has been improved.
  11. The most annoying notification summary bug has been fixed with iOS 15.3 update.
  12. The performance is smoother compared to iOS 15.2.1.


Have you updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.3? Did you notice anything else on iOS 15.3 update? Share your feedback in the comment box.

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