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iOS 15.3.1 Battery Drain Fix Here

ios 15.3.1 Battery Drain

On the one hand, iOS 15.3.1 landed with some helpful features; on the other hand, many iPhone users started getting iOS 15.3.1 battery drain issues. That’s normal, and it often occurs when the new iOS update releases and the device shows some battery and another glitch. However, we have some workarounds to fix the battery drain issue on iOS 15.3.1 update.

According to one iOS user, most of the apps like Tesla, Proxy, and Kwikset that use the Bluetooth connection affect iPhone’s battery life after iOS 15.3.1 update. When the check the Battery life under the Settings, it shows the background activity running for some specific apps using Bluetooth. Luckily, these working methods will help the users get rid of the iOS 15.3.1 battery life problem. Without further ado, let’s get check out these solutions.

How To Fix iOS 15.3.1 Battery Drain Issue on iPhone

Method 1: Check for App Update

If you have recently updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 15.3.1 update, you should also go to the App Store and check if the new app updates each app. If a new update is available, you should download and install the latest app update to minimize the errors and battery drain issues. Hence, make sure that apps like Tesla, Proxy, and Kwikset run the latest version.

Method 2: Turn On Low Power Mode

Once you see the new iOS 15.3.1 consuming a hefty amount of battery life, you can use iPhone’s Low Power Mode feature to save some power from your iPhone. Once you enable Low Power Mode, the device will turn all the background running functions and help to save battery life. You can turn Low Power Mode on under the Settings and the Battery section.

Method 3: Turn Off Extra Widgets

With the iOS 14 update, Apple has added the widget features to show the information about the specific app on the home screen with a single swipe. It allows users to quickly take a look at the app’s information and give a charming look. At the same time, it also consumes more power of the device. Hence, you should remove unnecessary widgets from your iPhone’s home screen to save battery life.

Method 4: Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Sometimes the Auto-Brightness can eat a lot amount of battery life on iPhone. Hence, it would be better to keep this feature turned off and set the brightness to medium or low. It often occurs with some users when Auto-Brightness is automatically set to the top and eats more power. Hence, we suggest users disable the Auto-Brightness feature by heading to Settings > Display & Brightness & Brightness > Turn toggle off next to Automatic.

Method 5: Reboot Your Device

After updating to the new iOS 15.3.1 update if you see any minor glitch and battery drain issue, you should restart or reboot your iPhone to fix the minor problems and get rid of the battery life issue on iOS 15.3.1 update.

Method 6: Reset All Settings

Have you tried the above methods? If any of the above methods do not work, you can Reset All Settings on your iPhone to clear old settings and make the device’s settings default. It will also help to fix iOS 15.3.1’s battery life problem. To do that, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset> Reset All Settings.

The Conclusion

These are some working methods and solutions that worked for many iPhone users to fix save battery life. I hope these methods worked for you as well. If you know of any other working solution, kindly drop your feedback in the comment box.

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