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iOS 15.1 Issues, Problems & Bugs: Let’s Take A Look

iOS 15.1 Issues

After a long wait, the Cupertino-based giant released the iOS 15.1 update with the most awaited SharePlay feature. Also, adding a vaccine card to Apple Wallet is the real perk of iOS 15.1 update. 

However, many users are facing multiple issues on iOS 15.1. It has been two days since the new IOS 15.1 landed, but people have already started reporting iOS 15.1 problems.

iOS 15.1 Issues & Bugs

  1. The character counter limit is not working when you chat in the messaging app.
  2. The calendar has become very slow after iOS 15.1.
  3. During airplay (video) to Apple, TV Safari freezes after the video is done.
  4. After ending SharePlay, the Facetime camera doesn’t expand to full view. 
  5. Many users are facing notification overlay issues.
  6. Some third-party Bluetooth headphones don’t work with SharePlay.
  7. AirPods Pro is playing spatial audio with head tracking despite both settings being disabled.
  8. Some Safari extensions are not working properly.
  9. One user lost all Shared With You photos from messages after iOS 15.1 update.
  10. Many users are still facing storage issues as one wrote on Twitter that “before ios 15.0.1 55Gb out of 64Gb but after ios 15.1 43GB out of 64GB.”
  11. Some users reported Bluetooth connectivity issues.


Did you update your iPhone to the new iOS 15.1? What other bugs did you notice on iOS 15.1? Please tell us through the comment box. 

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