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iOS 15.1.1 Update: What’s New & Should You Update?

iOS 15.1.1

It’s been around a month since Apple released iOS 15.1 update with SharePlay and many other features. Today, the tech giant finally landed the new iOS 15.1.1 update for iPhone users. 

Users can download and install iOS 15.1.1 update via OTA by heading to Settings > General > Software Update. Also, the company is testing iOS 15.2 update to make some changes in privacy and security. iOS 15.1.1 update is minor. Hence, we cannot expect huge changes from this update. But what’s new on iOS 15.1.1, and should you update to iOS 15.1.1 update. 

What’s New On iOS 15.1.1?

  1. Primarily, this small update is releases to improve call drop performance on iPhone 13 models and iPhone 12.
  2. Auto brightness bug has been fixed.
  3. Notification overlapping issue also fixed.
  4. CarPlay is now working fine.

Should I Update to iOS 15.1.1 Update?

If you are using iPhone 13 models or iPhone 12, you should install iOS 15.1.1 update on your device. This update is a minor bug fix update for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 to fix call dropping issues.

Which bugs still remain in iOS 15.1.1?

  1. iPhone storage problem still not fixed for many users.
  2. Maps applications are still laggy and buggy.
  3. The Focus mode automation is still not working properly.
  4. Siri reverting back to default voice issue is still remain.
  5. The new HomePod feature on iPhone is very buggy.

Have you updated your iPhone to the new iOS 15.1.1? Did you see any new features on it? What new bugs did you notice after iOS 15.1.1 update? Would you mind dropping comment below?

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