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IOS 15.0.1 Issues and Bugs You Should Check Now

IOS 15.0.1 Issues

Apple took around two weeks to release the iOS 15.0.1. Since many users started getting several issues after installing the iOS 15 update, they have been waiting for the next update to fix the problems, and finally, iOS 15.0.1 is here. 

Of course, the new iOS 15.0.1 landed with many bug fixes and improvements like the full storage issue, unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch issue, weird camera bug, and minor bugs fixed. 

New IOS 15.0.1 Issues and Bugs

While the new iOS 15.0.1 helped many users to fix some bugs, but some users also started reporting issues on iOS 15.0.1. Let’s take a look at the iOS 15.0.1 bugs. 

  1. Google Fi eSIM is not working on some iPhone 13 models.
  2. CarPlay connectivity issue on iPhone 13.
  3. Random apps rapid battery draining.
  4. Battery draining overnight.
  5. Videos are not loading correctly.
  6. Animation freezes and stutters.
  7. FaceTime crashes randomly.
  8. Widgets flickering with multitasking.
  9. Tap To Wake is not working properly.

As for now, there are the iOS 15.0.1 bugs found yet by users. If you see any other new issues on iOS 15.0.1, please let us know through the comment box. 

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