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20 iOS 14 Bugs and Problems You Can Check Now Before Installation

iOS 14 Bugs

At the WWDC Keynote this year, Apple released the developer beta version of the new iOS 14 for all who participated in the Apple’s Developer Program. It’s been more than days since many developers have tested the iOS 14 beta version. Many other users who are still planning to download and install iOS 14 versions want to know how the new iOS 14 is running, or is there any severe bug on iOS 14. So before you go ahead to install iOS 14, you should check out every iOS 14 bugs and problem.

If we compare the new iOS 14 with the previous iOS 13, I can say that iOS 14 is much better than older iOS 13 as the iOS 13 beta landed with dozens of bugs and glitches. Well, the iOS 14 is full of bugs, but still, there are many bugs in iOS 14 you can check nowhere in this article. After testing the new iOS 14 for more than ten days, we have found the below issues on iOS 14. Let’s check them out!

iOS 14 Bugs and Issues 

  1. In the latest iOS 14 beta, the favorite widget option is missing.
  2. Certain HomeKit devices are not working properly on the iOS 14 beta version.
  3. Just like iOS 13, the Emails in the iOS 14 do not properly sync with the stock Mail app. So one has to manually open the app and refresh to check the new mails.
  4. The Favorite doesn’t show in the Phone, not in the FaceTime app.
  5. You can’t choose multiple emails by swiping them in the mail in iOS 14 beta.
  6. When you install the iOS 14, it will take so much of time, and also that can vanish your data.
  7. When you try to access Sir or Accessibility, you cannot trigger it by using the full keyboard access.
  8. In the Calendar app, there is an option to create any custom event right.
  9. Sometimes the spotlight might not appear when you invoked. So you can restart your phone to fix the issue temporarily.
  10. Most of the time, the Home app is crashing in iOS 14.
  11. In iOS 14, some new language might have misaligned layout.
  12. Sometimes the language could clip when you use it with the Quicktype feature.
  13. When you use Apple Maps, it is also not showing the perfect driving direction. Well, you can restart it to fix the issue temporarily.
  14. When you are in EU, the EU Volume Limit might not be able to increase to 80%. So you can use the Control Center to bypass this bug.
  15. The Haptic Touch on Mail notification in the Notification also does not show the content of the message in iOS 14.
  16. On Some iOS 14 devices, the Screen Time widgets are not working.
  17. If you use the Siri shortcuts while closing the app, you cannot trigger automation.
  18. The Home Automation shortcut is not working properly.
  19. The Edit Widget option could show up on the home screen if the widget is not customizable.
  20. You can resize the existing widget; you will have to remove the widget and add it again. Some widgets are still missing from the home screen.

As for now, these are some iOS 14 bugs and problems which we have found while using the new iOS 14 beta version. If you also have used the iOS 14 beta version on your iPhone, then you can also share your opinion in the comment box. If you also want to know some guide in some new tips on the new iOS 14, then feel free to ask us in the comment box.

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