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iOS 14 Beta Version: Latest Leaked Features You Can Check Now

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Apple is working on its new iPhone operating system iOS 14 and there are many features which are expected from the latest version iOS. Josh Costine who has recently got the files of iOS beta version, has recently given information about many new features which can be seen in iOS 14. Apple iOS 14 may have an augmented reality app which can actually read apple brand QR codes and might have new features baked into the Find My app. Also, Apple is continuously working on a new AR app that is set to release in the upcoming iOS 14. Apple’s Find My application is also expected to get some latest AR features.

Features of iOS 14

Costine said that he has got the leaked files of iOS 14 from some source and he is expecting to see the new iOS later this year with the new iPhones which are expected to be named as iPhone 12. The Gobi’s Starbucks partnership will be seen in new iOS 14, and the Find My app will use sound & haptic feedback to tell you the direction of your missing Apple device. The Fine My app will give encouraging sounds when you are in the right direction of the lost device and the gadget is ahead of you or when you are Nearby or you have come within Arms Reach and whereas you will hear discouraging tones when you are headed off the device. The Gobi app will also include a shopping comparison feature that could be live in this new AR app,  suggesting this app could offer promotions and special experiences. Constine also revealed a feature that tells about new sounds which are associated with the Find My app that would tell users when they are getting hot or cold.

Apple is expected to launch new iPhones 2021 by the end of this year. We can see four variants of iPhone 12, possibly named as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. The expected price of the new iPhone will be from $999 to % 1,499 and with different models coming with different cameras and internal storage ranging from 128Gb to 512 GB. There will be 2 cameras in the base models and triple cameras in the top end models.


It is expected that Apple will be launching iOS 14 later this year with iPhone 2021 and it can also be expected that Apple will be revealing some of its features in Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference which is about to happen online in June 2021. We will be posting more features of Apple iOS 14 as soon as the company comes up with new features.


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