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iOS 14.4.2 Notifications Not Working: Solved

iOS 14.4.2 Notifications Not Working

It’s been more than a week since people have installed the latest iOS 14.4.2 update on their iPhones. The update landed with some useful features and major bug fixes. But many people annoyed with iOS 14.4.2 notification issue.

Many users on Reddit and the Apple Discussion forum are not getting any notification after iOS 14.4.2 update on their iPhone. Some users claim that they are receiving only iMessage and phone calls notification. After reading dozens of complaints about the same issue, we thought it would be worth talking about it in detail.

Seems like many iPhone user having trouble in notification issue on iOS 14.4.2. Let’s try to find some solutions.

How To Fix Notification Issue on iOS 14.4.2 Update

Solution #1: Check Lock Screen Notification Settings

After updating to iOS 14.4.2 update on your iPhone, if you suddenly stopped getting notification, we suggest you enable notification in settings. To do that, go to Settings > Notifications> and select app and then tap on the toggle next to Allow Notification.  Also, you can check Sound, Badges, and Show Preview for the notification.

Solution #2: Turn Off Bluetooth

According to some users, turning off Bluetooth on iPhone worked for them to enable notification on iOS 14.4.2. Maybe your device is connected with any Bluetooth device, and notifications are receiving in silent.

Solution #3: Airplane Mode and DND

Many geeks also suggested that turning on-off Airplane Mode and DND service for 10 seconds helps them fix the iOS 14.4.2 notification problem. So let’s try this out once and see if it fixed.

Solution #4: Disable Apple Watch Notifications

We also saw on Twitter that one user suggested turning off Apple Watch alerts to enable notification on iOS 14.4.2 update. If you have used your iPhone with Apple Watch, try to disable Apple Watch notification and work.

Solution #5: Re-login iCloud

Many users have also suggested that logging out of iClound and then logging in again to iCloud helps them fix the notification issue on iOS 14.4.2.  You can simply do it by heading to Settings, Account and iCloud Settings.

Solution #6: Restart Your Device

Tried the above solutions, and they didn’t work? If so, then our last solutions are to try to restart your iPhone running iOS 14.4.2. Restarting iPhone worked for many users, and it will work for you, sure.


As many iOS 14.4.2 users already reported the problem to the Apple Support team, we can expect a new update in the coming week. While using iOS 14.4.2 on your iPhone, please share with us in the comment box if you notice something else worth sharing.

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