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iOS 13’s Maps’ Look Around vs Google Maps’ Street View – Quick Comparison

Look Around vs Google Maps’ Street View

Apple has literally worked very hard to improve its Maps. Apple made “Maps” available everywhere you are, from work, home, or even on the go with CarPlay. And Apple continues its obsession with building the best possible map in iOS 13. It said while launching at WWDC keynote “we have outfitted literally hundreds of planes and cars with custom sensors and lidar and driven over four million miles to rebuild our Map from the ground up, and the results are really impressive. So, now roads and beaches, parks and buildings look great.

Here is Apple’s old Map and new with iOS 13.

Besides, collecting land and aerial data to add significant new detail to the map, it has also added a couple of very useful new features to recently designed launch screen like favorites, where you can add the places for quick and easy access. And with collections, this is where you can organize all of your favorites or you can make lists of favorites to share with friends. But the major highlight of the Maps’ update was all-new “Look Around” feature. It is similar to Google Maps’ 3D Street View. When you open Maps, if “Look Around” feature is available on your location then, you will see a new binoculars button. When you tap that, you get a brand-new look around the window. It will get you a gorgeous, high definition 3D view. You can learn how to use the “Look Around” feature in iOS 13 in our other post.

A Twitter user named “Reüel van der Steege” made a comparison video showing Google Maps’ Street View and Apple Maps’ Look Around at the same location in Honolulu, Hawai.


And it clearly shows that Apple is late but always better. Apple Maps feels like an actual 3D environment whereas Google’s Street View seems just like 360 stitched photos. The user traveled and compared both Maps’ 3D graphics feature. And Apple Maps is really getting wins here. Look Around is more smoothly down the street compared to the Street View of Google Maps. But the only thing which Apple lacks is that this feature is available on a few locations only the US. But Tim Cook has assured that they will be done with the US till the end of this year then they will go for the rest of the countries in the world. So it’s going to take ages to roll out around the world–but the Apple Maps version is so much better!

Tweeter users across the world saw this comparison video and they put their reviews. One user said “Another example of Apple being late (super) but doing it right!” other one said “It’s the usual Apple way again. Not being first with technology is the trick. Doing it right makes the difference. Let’s see what happens when Apple decides that it is the right time for folding displays”. According to a patent filed by Apple a month ago, Apple is planning to launch new foldable iOS devices. In this aspect also, Apple is not the first mover but definitely, it will be better than Samsung and Huawei.

“Look Around” will be available with iOS 13, which is scheduled to release with iPhone 11 later this year. But still, you can enjoy this feature by installing iOS 13 developer beta on your device or if you are not a developer try installing iOS 13 IPSW. IF you are in the US then you are likely to extract its feature more potentially.

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