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This Amazing Instagram Widget For iOS 14 iPhone Will Storm Soon

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Adding widgets to the iPhone home screen is fun. It adds more charm to the device and very useful to get the glimpse of the app without opening it. Alongside Apple’s own widgets, there are many third-party widgets you can use to create an aesthetic home screen on your iPhone. 

Within a month of iOS 14 release, even I have added multiple widgets to my iPhone X home screen and also seen a lot of unique iOS 14 home screen designs from users around the world. But still, I was missing something on my iPhone’s home screen. Then I thought about how it would be great to see Facebook or Instagram notification through widgets on my iPhone home screen. Sounds interesting, right?

Therefore, I also started looking for Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram widget for iOS 14 home screen. Sadly, I haven’t seen any social media widgets yet, but luckily came across one Instagram Widget designs concept from AL Designs. 

In the concept of the picture of Instagram Widget for iPhone on iOS 14, you can see the Instagram Widget in small, medium and large size. The larger size of the widget is giving the full information with recent likes, followers, comments along with the latest images. 

Let’s take a full view of this concept design of Instagram Widget for iPhone: 

Talking about the release of the Instagram widget, we have not heard anything officially from developers and Apple about this widget. But we can expect more social media widgets soon as every iOS devs are working hard to add more widgets to iOS 14 support. 

After checking this excellent Instagram widgets concept, what do you think about it? Do you like the design? What you still miss? Which other widgets do you want to see on your iOS 14 running iPhone? Please don’t bother to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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