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How To Fix Instagram Story No Sound Issue on iOS 14

Instagram stories are fun. I often post travel stories on my IG from iPhone X. Also, I like to enjoy the IG stories of other users as well. Unfortunately, while swiping the IG stories, sometimes it plays silent mode even if the user’s story has audio.

You heard it right. It annoyed me a lot because even after turning the volume up, the Instagram story still played without sound. Initially, I thought my device’s sound was low, but later I found a serious Instagram story with no sound issue after updating the device to iOS 14.

No audio on IG story problem is mostly occurring on the iPhones running latest iOS 14 update. Well, to get the sound back, you can scroll the next story and swipe back to the story to see the story with sound. But you can scroll left-right whole for that. It would be better to get the solution.

Sound Problem in Instagram Story Solutions

Method #1: Check For App Update

Whenever any problem occurs on any third-party app, the first thing you should check for the new update of the app. Maybe the current version of the app is conflicting with the current system of the phone. So go to the App Store and check for the update. If any new update is available, then install the new update of the app.

Method #2: Turn Off Mic and Camera

When we started seeing more complaints about the IG Story sound issue, we also reached many forums and community pages. We found one solution that worked for many users. Once the sound issue starts on the Instagram story, force close the app, go to Settings, navigate to Instagram settings, and turn off mic and camera access. Now again, start the app, tap on the top left corner to start the camera, and give access. Now there won’t be an issue on Instagram story.

Method #3: Check For New OS Update

When any new OS update lands, many bugs and issues are possible. If your Instagram story is not playing sound after installing the iOS 14 update, the company will consider the bug and release the new OS upgrade to fix the bug. So open the Settings app, tap on General, go to the Software Update, and install it on your device if the new update is available.

Method #4: Reinstall The App

If any of the above processes don’t work on your iPhone, our next suggestion is to uninstall the app and install it on your iPhone. After installing the app, you will be able to hear the Instagram story sound properly.

Wrapping Up

Once you go through the above methods, your IG story sound will come back on your iPhone, and you will be able to start watching every Instagram story in normal mode. There won’t be any Instagram story audio problem. If you are still getting the same problem, do tell us in the comment box.

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