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Instagram Feed Not Refreshing On iPhone: How To Fix It

Instagram Feed Not Refreshing

My day start and end with Instagram. Around 1.3 billion people worldwide are using Instagram on iPhone and Android, and it has become a great source of marketing these days. However, many users are complaining Instagram feed is not refreshing on iPhone.

According to the users, when they try to open the app’s discover section, the Instagram feed does not show new posts and reels. We have seen many complaints about the Instagram feed not refreshing the error. Since we have seen dozens of reports about “couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram” issue, we looked for the workaround and explained every solution here.

How to Fix Instagram Feed Not Refreshing On iOS

Method #1: Check Internet Connection

It often occurs with me when the mobile data is off, but I still open the Instagram app and try to load the feed. Whenever I try to load Instagram feed, it says “couldn’t refresh feed” on my iPhone. Later, I realize that it is happening because of no internet connection. You may get the same problem on Instagram. Hence, you should first turn on mobile data or connect your iPhone to a Wifi network to fix the feed not working Instagram problem.

Method #2: Check Date & Time

Because of wrong and incorrect date and time, you may get in trouble loading Instagram feed. Hence, you need to ensure that your iPhone’s date and time zone are set correctly. To do that, go to Settings > General > Date & Time > turn toggle next to Set Automatically.

Method #3: Try Airplane Mode

Whenever you encounter any network-related issue or problem in loading website pages or apps, you should try turning Airplane mode on and off. Once you turn on and off Airplane mode, it will refresh the network and load Instagram feed without any problem.

Method #4: Logout & Login Again

If you have tried the above methods and still getting the same problem, you can try this method. Sometimes when developers make any changes in the app, it starts showing some minor problems. Try to sign out from the Instagram app and log in again to fix this issue. To do that, go to Account > Hamburger Icon > Settings > Log out. Force close the app, open it again and log in with your detail.

Method #5: Update The App

When Instagram released the new update, it also starts showing some minor errors. Instagram feeds not refreshing is also one of the minor errors that occur on any iOS device. Therefore, you should go to the App Store and check for the new Instagram update. If there is a new update available, download and install it.

Method #6: Check Instagram Server

A couple of months ago, Instagram was down worldwide for a few hours, along with Facebook and WhatsApp. Similar, if Instagram is down again worldwide, you need to check on the website downdetector.com to confirm that the app is down globally. If the app is down globally, you cannot do anything, and you will have to wait to make sure it goes up globally.

 Method #7: Turn Off VPN

If you use Instagram while VPN is turned on, you may get in trouble when you load the Instagram feed. So you should turn off VPN app or service from your iPhone and then try to reload the feed, and it will work fine.

Method #8: Reinstalling The App

After trying the above seven solutions, if you are still getting Instagram feed not working problem on your iPhone, you can try to uninstall the app and install it again to fix the issue and use the app without any issue. Once you reinstall the app, it will remove the unwanted files and caches and load the feed without any problem.

The Conclusion

These working methods worked for many users to fix the Instagram feed not refreshing issue. Which method worked for you? Do you know any other working method to fix the same? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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