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How to log in to hr2u UiTM on iOS?

hr2u UiTM on iOS

With digitization across the world, every aspect of our life is transforming. From payments to university updates, we now rely on our mobile phones and PCs for all the latest news. Most Universities now offer a comprehensive online portal where students can keep up with the latest information and updates regarding courses, admission, and other latest notifications.

The Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia is no different. Their online portal, HR2U UiTM helps the students and even the staff keep up with all the latest information and updates without any compromises.

This article will explore all the information you need to know about the University’s online portal and how you can access it on your iOS device.

What is the significance of hr2u UiTM?

If you are confused about why you’d need to keep a check on the hr2u UiTM portal, the primary reason is to have a unified platform that’s governed by the college administration. This allows you to keep track of the latest updates surrounding the classes, holidays, roster, etc. in a centralized manner.

With this online portal, Universiti Teknologi MARA makes it easier for the students and the staff to keep up with the latest notifications online, ensuring that there are no loopholes when it comes to communication.

Furthermore, this is an online portal only. They don’t have any applications, which means that if you want to access them on your iOS device, you’d have to do it via the standard browser.

How to Log into the hr2u UiTM portal?

If you are accessing it from your iOS device, logging into the hr2u UiTM is pretty simple, provided you follow the steps mentioned:

  1. Since this portal is only for the students and staff of the University, the first step is to ensure that you have your login ID and your password with you.
  2. Open Safari and visit https://hr2u.uitm.edu.my/hr2u/?language=en
  3. On the login page, enter your login ID and password and cross-check it once.
  4. Once sure, click on Login and this should redirect you to your profile.

And that’s all you need to do. The steps are pretty simple, so we’d recommend you keep an eye out for the credentials. If you are confused, confirm those details from your University’s administration. We hope this article gives you a clear understanding of the login process into the portal. Also, the portal is 100% safe and is exclusive to the students, staff, and members associated with the University only.


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