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How to use new spotlight search on iPhone in iOS 15

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The recently launched revolutionary iOS 15 has taken the world by an “upgraded storm”. With amazing new features, the iOS 15 is going to change the iPhone experience like never before.

Spotlight is a powerful search feature available only on Apple devices, that is, iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apart from the recent mind-blowing upgraded features like inviting Android users on Facetime and offline Siri, Photos and Safari, the iOS 15 also brings a much more powerful and upgraded Spotlight search.


Spotlight is one of those features that is there by default in the iPhone. To access it you simply need to swipe down on the home screen of your device.

But with iOS 15, you can now access the Spotlight search from your lock screen without even having to unlock your phone. You need to follow the same swipe down gesture on your lock screen as well to access the Spotlight search from your lock screen.


With the revolutionary iOS 15, the Spotlight search has been upgraded and how! With a range of new and amazing features, the Spotlight search is more powerful than ever.

  • You can search for and find files, locations, events on calendar, etc all on Spotlight search. The Spotlight can search the entire system of your device as it is completely integrated with it. Simply type for what you are searching for and it will show you texts, files and much more.
  • You can now install, delete and move apps from Spotlight search itself. Now you can simply type the name of the app you want on the Spotlight search bar and tap on ‘GET’. You do not need to go to the App Store to install an app you are looking for. Simply drag the app from Spotlight search to add it to the home screen.

To delete an app, just tap on the app icon for 2-3 seconds on Spotlight. Select the “Delete” option to uninstall and delete the app.

  • Now you can simply search for a movie or show you are looking for and the Spotlight search would take you to the streaming platforms page where your preferred movie or show is available.
  • You can now search for a picture that you have in the Spotlight search. Just put a text related to your picture and it will show under the “Photos” section. The most amazing part is you can even search for texts that may appear in a screen shot you have taken and it will show in the Spotlight search area.
  • You do not need to go to the Contacts app anymore and search down to the person you want to text or call. Simply search the contact in Spotlight search and text or call the person directly from it.

The new upgraded Spotlight is “one-stop search” for all your needs on iPhone. From managing your apps to speed calling someone or search for a single picture that is lost in the maze of unlimited pictures and screenshots you keep, Spotlight search is surely going to change the user’s iPhone experience.

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