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How To Use LiDAR On iPhone 12 Pro

LiDAR On iPhone 12 Pro

Apple added the superior LiDAR sensor technology to the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max from the space giant NASA. You would wonder what LiDAR is on iPhone 12 and how it will be useful in routine life. 

What is LiDAR?

Before you go ahead, you should know the meaning of the LiDAR sensor. If you are not aware of LiDAR, let me tell you that this is the technology used to examine Earth’s surface by NASA. LiDAR sensor uses to measure how long it takes light to reflect from an object. For instance, you can measure someone’s height on the iPhone 12 even if they are sitting. 

If you have gotten your hands with iPhone 12 Pro, you can test the LiDAR sensor using the below apps. 

Best Apps To Use LiDAR on iPhone 12 Pro

1: Snapchat

As Snapchat is planning to add a LiDAR-powered lens for the newer iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, it will be fun to use the LiDAR sensor on the popular photo-sharing app. Snapchat already set the trend mark when it comes to AI effect and virtual effect.

2: Measure

Apple added the Measure app default on the new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max so that users can easily use the LiDAR technology to measure a person’s height and rectangular objects’ dimensions.

3: Complete Anatomy Platform 2021

This app is an Apple Design Award Winner. It is the best 3D anatomy that uses a LiDAR sensor and gives the best visual information on your smartphone. Many iPad Pro user are using it a lot. This app has prevalent at 250 of the world’s top universities, include 20 of the world’s top 25 ranked medical schools.

4: RoomScan LiDAR

Are you planning to modify your bedroom? If so, RoomScan LiDAR is the best app to create a new bedroom design with 3D effects on this app. This app will use the LiDAR and latest iOS 14 system to create a unique 3D animation.

5: Shapr 3D CAD Modeling 

Whether you are in architect work or an engineering student, this app is the best choice to create the new 3D mock-ups of anything you want with the help of LiDAR technology on your iPhone 12 Pro.

As for now, these are the best apps for iPhone 12 Pro to use LiDAR technology. If you are also using any other premium on your iPhone 12, which is worth sharing, please share in the comment box.

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