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How To Use FaceTime on Android After iOS 15 Update

Use FaceTime on Android

For the decade, Android users were waiting to get FaceTime for Android. Even dozens of third-party apps revealed and claimed to have FaceTime function, but all were spam until the iOS 15 FaceTime Android update. Apple surprised everyone with the release of FaceTime on iOS 15 for Android devices. 

Of course, now you can officially use the FaceTime app on Android, but there is a catch. For the first time since the release of FaceTime in 2010, Apple designed the app for other platforms. So let’s find out how to use FaceTime on Android. 

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How To Get FaceTime On Android Phone

What Is The Catch To Use FaceTime on Android?

At WWDC 2021, Apple revealed that FaceTime will work on non-Apple devices like Android, Windows, or Linux models. For sure, you can talk to your loved ones over FaceTime from your non-Apple devices. Sadly, you can’t start the FaceTime call. In simple work, Android users can join the FaceTime link that can be used through Chrome. To start the FaceTime call on Android, a user need to be invited by an iPhone user with iOS 15 using the FaceTime link to join the call. There is no FaceTime Android app up till now. Don’t worry; Android users don’t need to create Apple ID or complete any sign-up process. 

How To Join FaceTime Call Via Link on Android 

  1. First of all, tell your friend with iPhone to share the FaceTime link. 
  2. Tell iPhone user to type Video Call in your WhatsApp chat and tap on the new FaceTime generated link. iPhone user can also open FaceTime, tap on the new Create Link button, give name, and share the link to Android users.
  3. Once you receive the FaceTime joining link, tap on it and open it on the Chrome browser. 
  4. Type Name and tap on Continue. 
  5. Next, tap Allow giving facetime.apple.com to use your camera and mic for the video chat.
  6. Now tap the Join button to start the FaceTime video call on Android.
  7. To end the call, tap on the Leave button at the top.

That was easy-peasy.

Once the iOS 15 public version is released, everyone would be able to chit-chat with friends and family members over FaceTime using Android, Windows PC, or Linux devices. If you get in any trouble while following the guide, ask us in the comment box. 

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