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How To Undo On Mac

How To Undo On Mac

Everyone wishes to undo or redo things in real life. But there is no button to do it since we are not machines. Undo and redo are existed on computers. It often occurs when I accidentally deleted some lines from note and want it back on my Mc. Therefore, there is a way to undo Mac.

With the help of undoing action on Mac, you can easily and quickly get back or go back to the previous state by minimizing the last action. If you don’t know how to undo Mac, we will show you a full guide. It doesn’t matter with the operating system you are using; this article will help you anyhow to undo something on Mac.

How To Undo On Mac

There are two different shortcuts to undo notes or text on Mac. Let’s find out about them.

How To Use Undo Shortcuts On Mac

There is a universal way to undo something on computer, whether you are using Windows or Mac. You can use Command + Z keys simultaneously to undo something or go back to the last action. To undo single action, press the Command + Z keys shortcut once. And you can use the same action multiple time to undo previous multiple things. You can also keep pressing the Command + Z keys to restoring the original image.

How To Undo On Mac From Menu Bar

If you don’t press the above method or you don’t use the keyboard much, then you can also use Undo action from the menu under the Edit tab. The GUL ‘Undo’ button may not be presented on all Mac apps, but if you have, then you can simply click on Edit on the menu bar and Choose Undo option.

Undo Tips

While using the Undo action on Mac, you must remember that you cannot get back every edit you have just ignored once you are done undoing a move. There won’t be any way to redo all the things after undo.

The Conclusion

We explained two different methods to undo on Mac. I hope now you are familiar with the undoing process on Mac. Need more tips regarding the use o Mac? Don’t hesitate to ask through the comment section.

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