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How To Turn ON/OFF 5G On iPhone 13 Models

How To Turn ON 5G on iPhone 13

Last year, Apple introduced two iPhone 12 models with the cutting-edge 5G technology. This year’s iPhone 13 family also joined the list of 5G supported iPhones. Since the 5G is new for users, many users are unaware of how to turn on 5G on iPhone 13 devices. 

When buying a new iPhone 13 model and installing a SIM, the default mobile mode will activate 4G on the device. Even many users are not aware that iPhone 13 does support 5G. Sadly, 5G is still not available everywhere. But if you are lucky to have the 5G available area, you can enable 5G on iPhone 13 to access the fastest mobile net on the smartphone. If you are new to iPhone 13 and do not know how to activate 5G on it, you can follow this guide to do it easily. 

How To Turn ON or OFF 5G On iPhone 13 Models 

Before you head over to steps to start 5G on iPhone 13, you must check the below prerequisite. 

  • Confirm with network provider or carrier about 5G availability.
  • Make sure you have subscribed 5G plan.
  • Make sure that you are in the 5G network area.

How To Turn ON 5G on iPhone 13

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Next, select Mobile Data.
  3. Up next, choose Mobile Data Options inside the Mobile Data section.
  4. Tap on Voice & Data.
  5. Now select the 5G ON or 5G Auto option.

5G ON vs. 5G Auto

Once you have turned on 5G on your iPhone 13, you will see the 5G icon at the top right corner of the device. When you choose 5G ON, the device will not switch to 4G even if you are not in the 5G network. But when you choose 5G Auto, the device will automatically switch the network to 4G if the 5G is network is not available in the area. 5G ON mode will consume more battery life compared to 5G Auto.

How To Turn OFF 5G on iPhone 13

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Next, select Mobile Data.
  3. Go to the Mobile Data option.
  4. Select Voice & Data.
  5. Then, choose LTE.

The 5G icons will change according to the network provider service. Users will see only 5G when the device detects a network with a Sub6-GHz band. When the device uses the mmWave band, the icon will appear like 5G+. The 5G UW or 5G Ultra-Wideband will be visible to Verizon users with the mmWave band. Users will see 5G UC or 5G Ultra Capacity if they use T-Mobile with mmWave band. The enhanced version of 4G (not 5G) will show a 5G E icon.

The Conclusion 

I hope you read the article and know how to turn on 5G on iPhone 13. Have you started using 5G on iPhone 13? How was your experience? Please drop the comment below.

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