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How To Speed up a video on iPhone

Speed up a video on iPhone

These days, travels and content creators around the world create amazing videos with best editing skill. Speeding up and slow-motion is part of it. iPhone has slow-mo feature, but there is no option to create a speed up video on iOS device.

Did you know that you can speed up the video on an iPhone? Yes, you read correctly. You can speed up the video speed and it’s really easy. There are two different ways of speeding up the video speed. We are going to cover both the ways to speed up the video. There are two apps which help you to do this, iMovie and Photos App. In this article we are going to tell you the method to speed up the videos.

Speeding Up Video Using Photos App

If you are looking for a solution to speed up a slo-mo video, you can edit Slo-Mo video using the Photos app on your iPhone. You can follow the below steps for a quick solution

  1. Start the Photos app
  2. Click on Albums
  3. Under Media Types section, select Slo-mo video
  4. Select a slo-mo video which you want to speed up
  5. Now, click on Edit
  6. Now you have a screen with video and editing options below the video. The lines below the video shows the speed of the video. The lines which are closer are the part of the video which is in normal speed and the lines where the space is more that is the slo-mo part of the video.
  7. There are two bigger size lines or drags at both the end of the slow motion video part, you need to drag the left bigger line from to the right.
  8. Once done, you will be seeing the whole bar has lines at equal distance. You can click on Done to save the changes

This way you can speed up the slow motion video on the iPhone quickly. In case you don’t like the saved video, then you can always revert back to the slo-mo video and you can slow down the speed of the video of any part of the video.

Speeding Up Video Using iMovie App

If you are looking for a solution to speed up video which is recorded at normal speed, then the iMovie app can help you to do that. Follow the below steps to do that quickly.

  1. Start the iMovie app
  2. Click on Create Project
  3. Click on Movie
  4. Click on Media
  5. Click on Video
  6. Click on Slo-mo
  7. Select the video from the list which you want to speed-up
  8. Click on Create Movie
  9. Click on timeline located below the below to see the editing video options
  10. Now, click on the clock icon which is the second option from the left side to increase the speed of the video.
  11. Once you click on it, you get a drag bar to increase or decrease the speed of the video. There is a turtle icon on the left and a rabbit icon on the right which means if you want to decrease the speed then you need to drag it to the left and if you want to increase the speed then drag it to the right.
  12. Also, it displays the number which shows the speed of the video. You can drag it to 1x if you want the video to be played at normal speed.
  13. Click on Done to save the video


These are two ways to speed up the videos on the iPhone. For more such quick and easy guides on iPhone you can follow our blog.

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