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How To Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

How To Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

In the modern era, phone calls have become an outdated means of communication. Although traditional phone calls are still an essential part of our lives, they cannot hold a candle to how quickly and easily we can speak to each other through text messages and social media apps. However, even still, it is convenient to use the voicemail service on your iPhone.

Voicemail is a really helpful tool when you don’t have time to call someone back. It helps you keep in touch with your family and friends without having to constantly be on the phone. It provides people with a way to screen their calls and manage their busy schedules. Here’s how you can set up voicemail on your iPhone in easy steps.

How to Easily Set Up Voicemail on Your iPhone

The process of activating voicemail on your iPhone depends on the compatibility of the telecom carrier you are using. Since most service providers in the USA offer a process to set up voicemail within the iPhone’s phone app, it is really easy for users.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Here, you will see an option titled “Voicemail” in the bottom-right corner.
  3. As soon as you tap on “Voicemail,” you will see a prompt saying “Set Up Now.”
  4. Here, you will have to set a password for the voicemail, and it should be a 4–6-digit numerical password.

(If you don’t get such a prompt for setting up the voicemail, it might be possible that your voicemail is set up already.)

  • The next step would be to select greetings from the default or custom options. If you want to record greetings in your own voice, you can select a custom greeting.

That’s it! Now your voicemail is set up. See, it’s not that difficult. However, you need to understand that this process is easier in the USA since the carrier offers support within the app. It is not possible to set up voicemail on an iPhone in India.

How to Listen to Voicemail Messages on an iPhone

It’s as easy as reading received text messages. Just head over to the Voicemail tab within the app, and you will see logs of voicemails you have received.

When you tap on any of the voicemail messages, you will get three options, i.e., speaker (to listen to the voicemail), call icon (to call back the sender), and trash icon to delete the voicemail message.

You also get an option to share the voicemail message, or you can save the message from the same option. In order to find the details of the caller or sender, you have to tap the “i” icon.

Can I Change My Voicemail Password on My iPhone?

Yes, you can change the password of your voicemail on your iPhone, and it is a very simple and quick process.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select “Phone.”
  3. Here, you will see an option saying “Change Voicemail Password.”
  4. Just tap on it, and you can change the password.

What Do I Do If I Forgot My Voicemail Password?

An unfortunate condition may occur if you forget the voicemail password. Many users go through this problem, and that’s why they look to reset their voicemail passwords on iPhones.

  1. Launch the Settings app and select “Phone.”
  2. Now tap on the ‘Change Voicemail Password’, which is shown in blue.
  3. Here, it will ask you to set up a new password.

That’s it! This is how you can reset your voicemail password on your iPhone.

If you are unable to reset the password, you can contact your carrier as well.

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