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How to See How Long You Have Been on FaceTime

How to See How Long You Have Been on FaceTime

FaceTime is the real charm of Apple. Using it on iPhone from the other corner of the world without worrying about charges is too much relief. But many iOS users are asking for a way to check how long they have been on FaceTime since they cannot show the time duration of FaceTime video calling. 

How To Check How Long You Have Been On FaceTime

If you are using iOS 13 on iPhone, there is no option to see call duration on FaceTime video call. Hence, you had to minimize the FaceTime call and see the call duration on the green progress bar at the top. And now the iOS 14 update shows the small oval of the left top side of the screen while you are on call.

To provide the best video call interface clean and better, Apple chose not to show FaceTime call timer on the screen. Hence, you will have to return to the home screen to see the video call duration while you are still on call. After that, you can again go back to the video call. You can also tap on the lock or home button to minimize the video call and see call duration.

Even after ending the call, you will still be able to see how long you have been on FaceTime video call your iPhone’s Phone app. You have to open the Phone app, tap on the ‘i’ info icon next to that FaceTime call and see the video and audio call duration. 

Even after the absent FaceTime call duration feature, Apple’s video calling serious so clean and neat. The company is also working on a FaceTime video conference feature expected to come with iOS 15. Since people are spending more time on online video conference and meeting, it would be a great feature for iOS users to use FaceTime easily.

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