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How To Reset Apple AirTag

Reset Apple AirTag

Apple’s newer AirTag is a cutting-edge product. It helps a lot to find my wallet and keys. After using it for a couple of days, one of my friends asked to use it at once. Hence, I wondered how I could reset AirTag if I want to lend it to my friend or family member. 

According to Apple, the AirTag can only be connected with one Apple ID or Apple user. Hence, it will be necessary to completely reset your AirTag if you are giving it or selling it to someone else. As per Apple’s term, if a person who erased AirTag is no within the Bluetooth rank of AirTag, the other person can use that AirTag just by resetting it. Hence, it needs to be removed from your Apple ID to use or activate my other users. 

Without wasting much time, let’s get to the main steps. 

How To Reset An AirTag

Note: While doing the reset process, make sure that the connected iPhone is in AirTag’s Bluetooth rang. 

  1. Push down on AirTag’s shiny stainless steel battery cover and turn it counterclockwise. Turn it until the cover does not turn.
  2. Remove the cover and battery.
  3. Reinstall the battery.
  4. Push the battery down until you hear a sound.
  5. When you hear the sound, remove and reinstall the battery four more times, and finally push down on the battery until you hear the sound. You should hear a sound every time you press the battery. There will be a total of 5 sounds.
  6. Align the three claws on the cover with the three grooves on the AirTag and replace the cover.
  7. Push the cover down until you hear a sound.
  8. Turn the cover clockwise. Turn it until it does not turn.

Can someone use stolen AirTag?

I also seen these kinds of questions like would some use the stolen AirTag. Hence, I also tried to follow the process like above without deleting AirTag, and then I took close to my iPhone, it still recognized AirTag. Even though I thought let’s set it up, but it said, “This AirTag is connected to another Apple ID.” In the end, I understood it is not possible to use stolen AirTag. 

The Finish Line

Are you using AirTag? Was this article useful? Need more tips regarding the use of AirTag? Don’t hesitate to ask us through the comment section.

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