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How to Print a Test Page on the MAC OS?

How to Print a Test Page on the MAC OS

A wide number of people face difficulty while printing a document from the MAC OS. They don’t know the exact steps which are required to print a test page from the MAC OS. The main reason why people want to test page is that they want to know whether their printer is connected with the computer or not.

Don’t worry, here we will provide you step-by-step process required to print test page on the MAC OS.

Important things to consider before trying to perform a test page:

1. Check whether the printer is connected to the computer via wires or wirelessly.
2. Please ensure that the power of the printer is turned on.
3. Check and ensure that no red light is blinking on the printer.
4. Check whether any kind of error shown on the display of the printer.

In order to perform the test, you need to follow the simple steps which are given below:

1. Firstly, you have to click on the Apple menu and then select system preferences from it.

2. Here, you will be able to see a tab opening called System Preferences where you will see an option known as Printers and Scanners.

3. Now, you have to double click on the icon and then open it. Then, you will see the printer which is connected to your MAC.

4. Then, ensure that the queue on the printer is fully clear.
5. Now, you have to click on the Options and Supplies Tab.

6. This options and supplies tab will open up a new window. Here, you will see four tabs. From which you have to go to the utility tab.

7. Now, you have to load a fresh piece of A4 size paper.
8. After loading, you have to simply press Print Test Page.

Test Page method on the MAC OS is well-known because this is the only method to check whether the printer is working or not.

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