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How To Prepare Your iPhone For iOS 13 Update

Prepare Your iPhone For iOS 13 Update

Apple’s latest iOS 13 added new magic to its iPhones with a lot of new exciting feature. After the long wait, Apple’s iOS 13 release date time is here today, September 19. So whether you have a new or old, you will get the iOS 13 on your phone. But if you have an older device and wondering to download and install iOS 13 update, then you should be prepared for iOS 13 when it’s come.

Here are three things you should keep in mind if you want to upgrade your device to the latest iOS 13. Let’s check out!

Check iPhone Compatibility For iOS 13

If you are planning to upgrade your older iPhone to the latest iOS 13, then make sure that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 13 or not. For that, we have already covered the article on the list of iOS 13 compatible iPhones and iPads. If you see your device in the iOS 13 supported list, then you will be able to install iOS 13 on the day of release. Still, two more things you must know which are below.

Make some space on your iPhone

Whenever Apple releases its new iOS update, it comes with larger than the previous one. Well, Apple hasn’t revealed the download size of iOS 13 yet, and we know it as well. So, it would be better if you some room for iOS 13 on your iPhone it will take some space. So, check your device now and if you space is low and you would try to download iOS 13, you will get an error. We advise you to delete or transfer some of your photos, videos and apps to make some space.

Create a backup of your data

Well, you don’t need to have a backup of your important data when you install the iOS 13 or any new update. But who knows your entire data might get vanished in case if your iPhone gets crashed while installing iOS 13. So, we suggest creating a backup of your data on iPhone before updating your device to the latest version of iOS 13. If you have all your data on the cloud, then it’s okay. Now you are ready to upgrade our beloved device to the newest Apple iOS 13.

Final lines

I guess you are very excited about the release of iOS 13 and also eager to use the new Apple’s OS.  If you have read about iOS 13, then let us know which feature you like the most and excited to use on your iPhone. If you have ordered iPhone 11, 11 Pro or Pro Max, you can share your review in the comment box.

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