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How to play YouTube in background iOS 15

How to play YouTube in background iOS 15

I used to play YouTube videos on my iPhone while chit-chatting through social media apps. It was a very fruitful feature on iPhone to play YouTube in the background. Sadly, watching YouTube videos in the picture-in-picture mode feature has been removed from the iPhone, and I still miss that feature on my iPhone.

After a decade, YouTube has landed the same feature again for Android and iPhone users. So now the user can play YouTube in the background on iOS 14 and iOS 15. With the help of this new YouTube PIP mode, the user can continue watching the video on the small screen while doing other important work from the device. Without further ado, let’s check out the process.

How to play YouTube in background iOS 15 & iOS 14

Note: Currently, this new YouTube picture-in-picture mode is only available to US users for free. You will have to get the premium version if you live outside the USA.

  1. Go to YouTube on your iPhone.
  2. Login to your google account.
  3. Next, Click on the user icon at the page’s top right corner. 
  4. Then tap on Settings.
  5. Go to General.
  6. Now you will see the option Picture in Picture mode; enable that option.
  7. Quit the YouTube app by swiping up from the bottom of your screen or touching the home button while watching a video to use the function.
  8. You may resize the player by squeezing the screen. There are three sizes available, with the biggest occupying the whole width of your screen.
  9. If you wish to close the player, swipe it left or right to minimize it. When you want it back, tap the arrow icon.

That’s it.

Once you have gone through the above steps, you can play YouTube videos in the background on iOS 15 and iOS 14 while scrolling through the other apps on iPhone. If you don’t belong to the USA and still wish to get YouTube PiP mode free, then you can use VPN to set any US-based location and access YouTube app features from the USA.

Did you enjoy the guide? Are you happy to use YouTube picture-in-picture mode on iPhone? Do you need more help for the same? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comment box.

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