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How to play Super Auto pets on iOS?

Super Auto pets on iOS

There are so many amazing games that you can play on your iPhone. But these days it is super Auto pets that have been making their name in the game. It has not just earned the name because of it being incredibly addictive but themes, game rules and the way you have to reach the goal everything is a fun part of it.

Your job is to create a good team that will include some cute animals that would fight for you against the opponent. You may have seen Pokemon, well somehow exactly like that, these cute animals are gifted with unique abilities. That is why; you need to make sure the team is chosen smartly.

Features two modes:

Before you start playing the game, you may need to choose between the Arena mode and versus mode.

  • In arena mode, you might be playing against an asynchronous player and to reach 10 models itself is a challenge.
  • If you choose to go for versus mode, well, there will be a certain number of players you would not know how many would match against you. The challenge is to be on top of them.

Discover the concept first:

Before you move to simply start using the game, you need to first understand that this game has battle game themes. This means it can let you play within a theme which is already well programmed. You need to simply get a team of your own to reach the final destination. The more you gather the creatures with unique abilities, the higher would be the chances for you to win this battle.

You need to think about many aspects of this game such as the equilibrium, cooperative energy, and winnings. That is why you constantly keep the best of your cards in the group and discard those who will be of no use to you anymore.

How to play Super Auto pets on iOS?

  • This is one fun game, in which you will come across some challenges constantly. Your job is to make sure you clear those challenges with the team you build and increase your winning chances.
  • Your team would fight against different teams that other players must have created. You might have to come up with a target that can increase your winning chances. That is why initially you may get confused about how it works but as you keep practicing, you will understand every level’s tricks and tricks.
  • There are different strategies combos that you may come across. Since it is based on the role, you can only learn how to roll in with the punches and also make further adjustments on flying.
  • If you want to win this game, you cannot afford to make a single mistake. This game is only filled with some of the topmost players and hence, you should have a team with some great abilities to win it for you.

Since you will be the first-time player, you shall have all the guidance on which move and how the right move should be used. You can even keep the guide along with you the whole time, till you get used to the game rules. These guides will be available directly on the screen so you don’t have to miss out on your game in any way.


As you start playing the game, you will understand how well to use your tricks and tactics. But one thing is guaranteed the game is no joke and you will only be playing against some genius players. You need to choose among those creatures who can help you win the battle and then when the time comes, you should be strong enough to win against the strongest opponent. So what are you waiting for? Install this amazing game today and try out what makes it so much addictive and fun.

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