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How To Play Music On FaceTime SharePlay In iOS 15.1 Update

How To Play Music On FaceTime In iOS 15

In June, when Apple introduced FaceTime upgrade with a new SharePlay function on iOS 15 beta, my girlfriend and I were keenly waiting to use SharePlay to play music on FaceTime in iOS 15. The feature also allows users to watch movies together, and I have become a fan of the SharePlay music sharing feature. 

iOS 15’s SharePlay feature was initially added to the iOS 15 beta 1, but later, Apple removed it from the iOS 15 beta 6. Even the final iOS 15 version is missing SharePlay. Fortunately, Apple finally added the SharePlay to the latest iOS 15.1 Update. Here I will show you how to share music or listen to music on FaceTime on iOS 15.1 with SharePlay. 

How To Share Music On SharePlay In iOS 15.1

Note: Currently, the SharePlay feature is available on iOS 15.1 . SharePlay is only supported on limited apps and iPhones. Let’s check out this guide to listen to music together on FaceTime on iPhone.

  1. Open FaceTime on your iPhone.
  2. Start a video call.
  3. Start the SharePlay button from the small FaceTime calling menu.
  4. Tell you friend to accept the SharePlay request.
  5. Open Apple Music and start the song while FaceTime call is on.
  6. From the popup, tap SharePlay to share music.
  7. Now both can listen to music with control on their device.

That’s it.

Of course, it is fun to listen to music together on iPhone with the FaceTime SharePlay feature on iOS 1.15. But it will also consume more power of your device. While the FaceTime video call is no, you can also first choose the new SharePlay button in the top right corner of your iPhone screen and then play music to listen together while chit-chatting with your loved ones. 

Can I Use FaceTime SharePlay with Android or Windows PC?

Ever since Apple landed this feature, many geeks are also wondering whether SharePlay supports Android or PC; let me tell you that FaceTime’s SharePlay is currently only available for Apple devices. You can share the FaceTime screen with Android or Windows PC users, but you can still make FaceTime call with them.

How SharePlay Icon look?

iOS 15’s SharePlay icon is squire with a human icon along with two rainbows behind. You check the SharePlay icon here. 

Have you tried SharePlay to play and share music? What are the other fruitful uses of this SharePlay? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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