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How To Lock Netflix Profile on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Lock Netflix Profile

Whether you a private person who doesn’t want anyone see what you are streaming or a new teenage who doesn’t want parents to know what you are watching on Netflix, the good thing is now you will be able to lock your Netflix profile with PIN on your Apple device. 

According to the TechCrunch, Netflix is rolling out the new feature to set a passcode on your specific profile. The blog also explained that the digital streaming service added this feature amid a broader set of Netflix updates designed to improve parental controls, but being able to set a PIN will also help keep roommates and others from using your profile.

For sure every Netflix account is protected, but we know that there is the capacity to set five profiles within one account and each one doesn’t have the passcode. But from now, each profile user can set a four-digit PIN on Netflix.

As for now, the feature not yet added within the Netflix App, you can set PIN through the browser. Once you set a PIN on your Netflix profile from the browser, then you will be asked in every Apple device to enter the passcode to open that specific profile.

Steps To Set PIN on Netflix Profile

Step #1: First of all, open Netflix account on your internet browser.

Step #2: Next, access the upper-right corner and then click “Account”.

Step #3: Now look for the “Profile and Parental Control” section.

Step #4: Then you should see a setting for requiring a PIN, and once you’ve set it, neither kids nor roommates will be able to access your profile.

Here are some other noted on parental improvement coming on Netflix that you should check now:

  • There is the filtering titles option based on their maturity rating in your country. It will be helpful if you want someone to have access to more than just the kids section while still blocking off anything beyond
  • Disabling auto-play on a kid profile to make Octonaut marathons a bit more… intentional.
  • Blocking specific titles by name. Need a break from Boss Baby? Maybe add it to the list for a while.

That’s it!                                           

Hope you enjoyed the articles and not thinking about this feature to activate on Netflix as it will be beneficial to use for parental control. Once after using this feature, please let us know your thoughts in the comment box. You can also tell us which features you are still missing on the Netflix app and wish to get it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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