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How To How Many Days Until Thanksgiving Countdown Widget To iPhone iOS 15

Thanksgiving Countdown Widget To iPhone

Updated on 19th November 2021

The festival of food and love is Thanksgiving. Everyone around the world celebrates this holiday on different dates in the US, Canada, and other countries. Despite searching how many days until Thanksgiving, you can add a Thanksgiving countdown widget to iOS 14 or iOS 15 home screen.

Sounds fruitful, right? With the help of the new iOS 15 or iOS 14, iPhone users can create a Thanksgiving countdown widget so that whenever the user wakes up the iPhone screen, it shows the days left for Thanksgiving. If Thanksgiving is celebrating a different date in your country, you can also change the countdown date and set your holiday.

Without wasting much time, let’s get on the process of getting it done!

How To Make Thanksgiving Countdown Widget in iOS 15 on iPhone

Step #1: Your first step would be downloading or preparing your own Thanksgiving image to set on the widget background to make it look delightful.

Step #2: Open App Store and download Color Widgets app.

Step #3: Launch the app and scroll down to the Countdown section.

Step #4: Swipe to the Thanksgiving widget and tap on it.

Step #5: Tap on the Edit Widget.

Step #6: Now tap on Add Photo to add the background image, change fonts and color. Even you can change the Countdown date.

Step #7: After all the edits, tap on SET WIDGET and then tap SET AS NEW WIDGET if you have already added widget with Color Widget.

Step #8: Now usually, go to the home screen, tap the Plus icon, choose Color Widget, and add to the home screen.

If you have added multiple widgets on Color Widget, then you need to press the widget, tap Edit Widget, Choose and select the new Thanksgiving countdown widget.

That’s it!

These were the simple steps to creating the new Thanksgiving countdown widget for your iPhone home screen. You can also add many other countdowns to your wedding, birthday, trip, and more. Are you happy with this guide? Please do not feel shy to share your feedback with us through the comments.

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