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How to get the best battery life for your iphone 12

Loving your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro but not happy with its battery life? The new iPhone 12 lineup doesn’t offer a similar kind of battery life as the iPhone 11, but they should still last the whole day. But, if that’s not the case, then something is wrong. We will be sharing some quick tips and recommendations on how to get the most out of your iPhone or iPhone 12 pros battery life.

So a popular feature of ios for some years now has been a background app refresh. Now, this is useful. You want common apps you use to be updated in the background, so when you go and open that application, You dont have to wait very long for the information to load, but you don’t need every single app on your phone enabled for background app refresh. So we recommend going in here to settings and turning off the applications you don’t want or completely turning off background app refresh for every single app every day.

Next up, we’re going to stay inside settings and go to cellular, so we would recommend turning on wi-fi calling if your iPhone supports it. So how is this going to save battery life? Well. Rather always being connected to a mobile network for phone calls when you are at home or anywhere on a wi-fi network. Your phone will connect to your cellular network through wi-fi, and that will save battery life because using the antennas, and the modem inside your iPhone does use more battery than just using wi-fi. So if your carrier supports it, we recommend turning on wi-fi calling.

Number three, we’re also going to stay inside cellular settings. So if we go to cellular data options, we have a few toggles here, so for 5g, we recommend keeping 5g auto or just jumping back to LTE. Suppose your battery is getting hit. We would recommend not keeping 5g on. We will use 5g on your iPhone all the time, even if you’re browsing through Twitter. You don’t require fast internet at all, it’ll still be pulling that fast 5g signal, which will drain your battery life, and it is going to make your phone overheat as well. To get the best of both for your phone to always be connected to when you need it. We’d recommend keeping 5g auto turn on and also for data mode, but if you don’t want to use as much data in 5g, for example, if you dont want to use 1080p facetime calls and you don’t want to your iPhone to download ios updates over data. We recommend keeping this on low data mode or standard, but if you have unlimited data or a whole bunch of data, you can keep this on, allowing more data on 5g.

The next tip is to stop charging your phone to a hundred percent. As soon as your phone reaches 85 or 90 percent, we’d recommend taking it off the charger. So why is this going to save battery life? Well, over time, the more you charge your phone, up to 100 percent. The more wear you’re going to be putting on your battery., if you know, when your iPhone is just charging from 90 to 100 percent, that is when it slows down because if it goes any faster, it’s going to damage the battery. So if you charge up to 100 percent, your battery health will degrade over time way quicker than, say, if you continuously charge it up to 85 or 90 percent.

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