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How To Get Money Heist WhatsApp Stickers On iOS Devices

Money Heist WhatsApp Stickers

While the fifth and final season of Money Heist landed on Netflix on September 3, fans worldwide are talking a lot about season 5 of Money Heist. People cannot wait to talk about the series and want to download Money Heist WhatsApp stickers to use while chatting in groups. 

Netflix releases five episodes of the final season on September 3, and the remaining five episodes will land in December. As the series craze is high, here we have shared the guide to get Money Heist Stickers for WhatsApp on iPhone. Once you download these Money Heist emojis and stickers, it will be fun to use the Dali mask, Profession’s faces, Tokyo, and more character’s stickers while chatting with your friends. Without further talk, let’s check out the guide. 

How To Download Money Heist Stickers for WhatsApp On iPhone

Note: Make sure that WhatsApp is updated to the latest version. 

  1. Open WhatsApp app.
  2. Open any chat and tap on the Sticker icon.
  3. Now tap on the Plus icon at the left.
  4. Now you can see all Money Heist stickers at the top as ‘Sticker Heist,’ tap on the Download icon next to the stickers preview.
  5. Once the pack is downloaded, go to the conversion, tap the Sticker icon, and see the new Money Heist sticker section. 
  6. You can choose any sticker and share it with your friends. 

That’s it. 

It was so easy to get Money Heist stickers on iOS devices in the WhatsApp app. As for now, there are only 17 different stickers available with different characters from the series. 

If you are not satisfied with these 17 Money Heist stickers, then you can also choose the GIF section and search for more Money Heist GIFs to use in WhatsApp chat from your iPhone. 


Have you enjoyed the guide? Are you enjoying these Money Heist stickers? Need more help? Don’t hesitate to ask us through the comment box. 

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