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How To Get Degree Symbol On iPhone 2023

Degree Symbol On iPhone

People prefer to use signs or emote these days to express something without using words. Apple is also working on adding more emojis with every new iOS update on iPhone. But many users scratch their heads when it comes to using degree, temperature, or angle symbols during the chat. They don’t know how to type the degree symbol on iPhone. 

Of course, typing the whole word ‘degree’ instead of degree sign ◦ is easy and quick to make your conversation charming and straightforward to understand. But on iPhone, the degree sign is a bit hidden on iOS devices. While chatting with my friends, I scratched my head when I used the degree symbol on my iPhone. I tried to swipe every keyboard section and emojis, but I did have not any degree sign. I had to ask my friend where is the degree symbol on iPhone and finally found that it is a tap of a simple press.

How To Type Degree◦ Symbol in iOS on iPhone

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Note: Make sure that you are using iPhone’s default keyboard. 

  1. Open the chat conversation where you want to add the degree symbol on an iOS device.
  2. Once you are on the keyboard typing, tap on the 123 key to open the numeric keyboard section.
  3. Now press and hold the (0) Zero key.
  4. Now you will get a small pop with a Zero digit and degree sign◦.
  5. Slide your finger to the ◦ degree symbol and release the finger.

Similarly, you can open any other chat or conversation and follow the same steps to use the degree symbol on your iPhone. The process is straightforward and can be followed on every iOS device you are using. But make sure that you are not using any third-party keyboard app like SwiftKey on your iPhone, as the above steps only work with the default keyboard of iOS. 

How To Enter Degree Symbol On iPhone Calculator

  1. Open the Calculator app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, turn on iPhone’s landscape mode from the control centre.
  3. Once the landscape mode is turned ON, put your iPhone vertically.
  4. Now the calculator will be expanded with more options, including degree. Tap on Deg at the bottom left corner.
  5. If the Deg mode is already active, you will see Rad in the place of Deg.

The Fishing Lines

We showed the steps to put the degree symbol on iPhone. You also explained how to add the degree symbol in the calculator on iPhone. I hope you are now satisfied with the above guide. If you need tips for the same, don’t bother to drop comments below. 

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