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How To Get Back to FaceTime Screen on iOS 15

Get Back to FaceTime Screen on iOS 15

The most awaited iPhone screen share feature landed with iOS 15.1 update. It took so long, but the feature was finally added for iPhone users as Facetime SharePlay. The feature is so charming as it allows users to share iPhone screens with loved ones and friends to watch favourite content together while seating in another corner of the world.

When I started using this SharePlay to watch Apple TV+ with my girlfriend, it was easy to start the Facetime Screen share and watch movies and TV shows together. But whenever we start sharing our iPhone’s screen, we cannot go back to FaceTime Screen on iOS 15 on our iPhones. Hence, we did spend more time on it and came to the step.

How to Get Back To FaceTime Screen On iOS 15 On iPhone

To start sharing the iPhone screen, the user should initiate the FaceTime call and tap on the new SharePlay button below the End button. Once you tap the SharePlay button, it will start the countdown for 3 seconds and start sharing the screen. After you have started the FaceTime Screen sharing, the person’s Face will turn off, and it screen will only show the content on the user’s Face. 

Even when the user ends the Screen Sharing, it still doesn’t show the Face of the user while FaceTime is on. Hence, we looked for the way and came to the solution. 

To get back to the FaceTime screen on iOS 15 after screen share, first, you need to end the Screen Share by tapping the SharePlay button. After ending the Screen Share, the user should tap on the FaceTime icon next to the Mute button. Once you tap on that icon, you will get back to the FaceTime screen on your iPhone and continue normal FaceTime calls. 

This is how you can go back to the FaceTime screen on iPhone after ending SharePlay screen share on iOS 15. I hope you enjoyed the post, and now you know how to go back to the FaceTime screen after screen share. Do you need more tips or help for the same? Please don’t be shy to ask us through the comment box. 

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