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How to fix ‘try again later’ instagram error on iPhone

try again later instagram error

If there is one social media application that has gained immense popularity in the past few years, it definitely has to be INSTAGRAM. But Instagram has certain community rules that the users need to strictly follow. Instagram often action blocks its users when these community guidelines are broken or not followed. One issue that the iPhone users might face on Instagram is the “Try Again Later” pop up. Even after loading the page, it shows Try Again Later.

So, let us have a look at some of the steps on how to fix this error and why this error actually occurs.

How To Fix Instagram Try Again Later Error On iPhone?

Let’s be honest, this “Try Again Later” error can get seriously irritating and hamper the overall Instagram experience. So, here is how iPhone users can fix this error.

  • DELETE THE APP – Delete the application completely and reinstall it again from the App Store. This will kind of rewire the entire setting and might fix the error.
  • SWITCH YOUR DATA CONNECTION – If your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi connection, try switching it to a cellular connection. Launch the “Settings” app, tap on “General”, make sure no VPN is connected and then check your mobile data connection.
  • TRY THE BASIC METHODS – If the error still persists, try the basic, old-school tried and tested methods like changing your password, logging out and then logging in to your account or switching on and off your network connection.


One thing the users need to understand is that Instagram Action Block’s its users. It means that Instagram bans its users from performing certain actions like commenting on posts or following other users or sometimes even simply liking others posts and sometimes even from DeMing others, that is, if it feels that the user is having some suspicious account behaviour or not following the community guideline rules.

When Instagram action blocks you, that is when you see the “Try again later” pop up when you try to perform the particular action that you have been blocked from.

A user can be action blocked or the account can be temporarily banned by Instagram if the user is found overusing any of the features on the app. For instance, following people in bulk at a single point of time which might be considered as a follow chain or DMing certain things to a number of people. However, sometimes this error might be a result of a glitch that arises when you carry on actions too fast on this social media app.

So, this is all you need to know about the  “TRY AGAIN LATER” error on Instagram and how you can fix it on your iPhone.

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